Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sure, Be Careful, But Have Some Fun Too

   The holidays used to be the time for families to gather....adults and children.....and the grown ups would go out...and meet up with friends also home for the holidays.  Back in the day, coming home from college at Thanksgiving meant stopping at the Watertown Bowl first to see who was there.
    Sure we had to worry about the Cold War and nuclear Armageddon, but otherwise they were good times.

     Now, there's terrorism alerts and road blocks but still get out and enjoy socializing. Do it responsibly. I had three cars left overnight when I got up today.
     We are open our usual hours on Pearl Street 8AM to 2AM, so stop in on way to wherever you are headed.
     So much of holidays is rushing around. More stress then regular...So take time to relax at a good neighborhood tavern, like Colesante's or the Pearl Street Pub.
Bars welcome busy holiday break, police urge caution on roadways


Anonymous said...

When I see beautiful ladies like that, I think of the many reasons for Thanksgiving. She is a jewel.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful young lady.

Anonymous said...

I still keep looking at this lady. Works, not equipped with spattered tattoos, doesn't NEED heavy makeup, no nose ring, in shape, and actually smiles. If only I were 35 years younger.