Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Night in the 13601

    After watching a dismal performance by the JETS, I went over to Samaritan Medical Center to visit a sick friend. It was a nice visit, and I felt better about it all, although I don't know if the patient did.  You always hear about family gathered around, but in some cases life is the antithesis of all that.
     So then I went to Pete's where I realized how good off I have it.
     Pretty quiet week ahead with the holiday and all. Hope its busy but you never know with holidays. I will not be participating in Black Friday. My spree at the auction was my self indulgence for this year.
      Tonight I ran into Councilwoman Macaluso and her sister Karen. We talked about the auction and Karen said her husband really wanted the painting with the Egyptian ladies. I hated to tell him I had gotten it for so little.......

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Anonymous said...

Hopr your friend got admitted quicker than the standard 8 hours wait time.