Friday, November 20, 2015

Starbuck Conundrum

   The  Starbuck House is one of the treasures in the city, but it's trapped in a conundrum. The house is now located in Residential A zoning even though a large part of the street is buildings carved up.
Starbuck will never be a single family home but other options are not allowed and neighbors vehemently have pressured Council not to change it.
    Even a bed and breakfast is not allowed although there was one there years ago.  Sometimes zoning maintains quality, but there are times it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

City council catering to snotty neighbors! As i can clearly see that property is well maintained and who ever owns that house should be able to have a bed & Breakfast there with out the busy body neighbors getting involved . Just like they din't want a Dunkin Donuts on washington street it was going to ruin your quality of life , Quality of life ? Oh you mean low paying Jobs , High property Taxes, Residents walking away from their homes and moving.If that person is not allowed to make a nice Bed & Breakfast with that Huge mansion he should have his assessment cut in half .Just one of the many blunders of our council makes catering to a few from the 500 club.

Anonymous said...

This house could easily be used as a single family home. The person who has listed it for years, is not in the record books for sales volume, if you know what I mean. That is just a fact and there is a reason why 90% of sales are accomplished by 10% of the salespeople. All it takes is one of the many doctors who were recruited by Samaritan, to take a shining to it and is someone's status symbol and home once again. And one of the many things that prolific sale agent would do, is help to set the asking price. Maybe trying to sell it for $900k (or whatever it was listed at for year), was what gave the home the stigma of it not being wanted. When a home sits on the market at the wrong price and doesn't sell, it hurts the reputation of the home when it is finally marketed at a more reasonable price.