Friday, November 20, 2015

Quite the Collection for Sale at the Starbuck House

   An eclectic collection of the interesting both real and faux goes up for sale Saturday as the contents of the Starbuck House go on the block in what will be a two day bidding war.  I took a tour today and its fascinating.
   The house is owned by paving mogul and raconteur Ronnie Granger who used the house for.....well, let's not get into that now.
Lions, Nudes, Whatever...You'll Find it All at the Auction of the Year
      The upstairs bedrooms are fascinating and if the walls could talk....One bedroom featured an Egyptian motif with paintings and figurines. 
Where Do You Hang This Painting ?
Lots of Interesting Rooms in House

 The auction starts at 10 AM


Anonymous said...

Interesting story and pictures. No wonder 260 and 120 hate your blog.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, 7:12. You would never find coverage from the times about anything like this. Strictly middle school over there. Anyone who buys that weakly reader is a fool.

Anonymous said...

Sure can tell the election is over.