Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plug In Christmas

        I am way past the fascination with dragging a dying tree in the house, trying to get it to stand up straight in that metal holder, covering it with bling, cleaning up needles, hoping it doesn't catch fire and then dragging it to the curb like yesterday's garbage.
        Not that many families don't want to satisfy the nostalgic notion of felling a spruce and dragging it home, and the gathering to decorate is a fond memory. Garland, ornaments, lights (tangled), and topping it off with icicles.  I remember as a kid, one family we knew had a tree with candles. Not recommended.  As a teen I remember when flocked trees were in vogue on the southside, if you bought it at Black River Garden Center.
       We used to have political debates over people bringing trees into town and selling them on a corner lot and competing with such businesses, but all of that is passed now.
       I was in the Christmas section at Wal-Mart yesterday.  You can get great things you just plug in and you have a massive sleigh and Santa inflating before you eyes...all for the price of that tree.
       There's merit to an inflatable holiday.


Anonymous said...

Inflatables are the tackiest. Also don't understand those that flood their yards with every Christmas decoration they can find, no theme or arrangement, just plop it down and plug it in. Usually the houses where the money spent on tons of decorations would have been better spent on home repairs.

Nichole Lajoie said...

That tree is amazing I could not walk by it we have all the stuff you speak of from China Mart it's not the same.Thanks for the Photo it was great to see it on your blog people love it. Aubachane Hardware in Carthage.... Merry Christmas ..

Anonymous said...

Black River Garden Center was the best.
The holly house, those nice shops, the nativity scene with live animals, then a nice dinner at partridge berry inn.
Mr Monnat was so talented ahead of the times.
Your tree looks great mayor!