Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Hard Soft Drinks on the Market

    Saranac Brewery is the latest to joint the "hard" root beer game, after the success of "Not Your Father's Root Beer".
     These are alcoholic beverages marketed as root beer, or black cherry soda, or creamsicle flavor.
       It's only a matter of time before someone is outraged over the gateway nature of the product. Kind of like those candy cigarettes we used to buy in the 60s.


Anonymous said...

Someone outraged? You mean upchuck, not someone.

dajeep said...

Schumer didn't pick up on this yet? Kodakula must be losing it as he ages.

Anonymous said...

Kids these days, cant even mix their own drinks.

ray lear said...

The Root-beers are good. But they go down to easy, full of sugar, and when the buzz is over, OMG your head hurts. I will stick to just a cold beer or two. I did get a bottle of Old Crow Whiskey. You need to get some behind the bar. Good.