Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maybe Some Snow Somewhere , Then Back to Nice November Weather

      A brief spate of colder weather may produce lake effect in the usual places, but generally it looks like good weather headed into Thanksgiving.  
       Remember hauling out the storm windows, studded tires and chains and other harbingers made obsolete through technology.  Front wheel and all wheel drive vehicles has made only the worst of weather a challenge. Snowblowers are fairly universal. There are lots of things that have made winter less a threat, including ubiquitous forecasters telling us of every flake coming.
      As a kid, I remember just waking up to a foot of snow without knowing it was coming. Nowadays the number of predicted 'storms of the century' that don't happen leave us all a little jaded.

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Anonymous said...

It was radial bias tires freed us from studded tires.
Even the parts guy might know this.