Friday, November 27, 2015

Maury: Stefanik meets with women members of Afghan National Assembly

    During her recent trip to Afghanistan , Rep. Elise Stefanik took time to meet with three women lawmakers serving in the Afghan National Assembly. 

Stefanik meets with women members of Afghan National Assembly


Anonymous said...

If I were Matt D I certainly would send out an early "Happy Holiday" card to MOC Elise Stefanik.

People are blind if they have not been able do identify what is occurring here.

1St She rebuilt up this district into a stronghold GOP district AGAIN. She has helped many small office holders gain further support within the party.

2nd. She will win by an even wider margin in 2016

3rd She will be appointed to some visible high office in the next GOP administration (they aren't grooming her for nothing!)

4th, There will be a special election, and she will be the Kingmaker along with her vast network of supporters.

No low level MOC gets to meet personally with the President of Afganistan who happens to prearrange three female members of their Government to meet personally with MOC Stefanik.

When the next schmuck the Dems. put up to run against her for 2016 loses miserably this will have Addie J thinking (crazy) that she would be entitled to this seat. The current libtard schmuck doesn't realize how Addie will cut his legs off right after he looses and goes for the seat herself.

Matt Doehny gets his chance with his boxing gloves to take out the real female antagonist Addie J.


Anonymous said...

Before she runs for higher office I would like to see her be the first youngest female Member of Congress to reestablish the first NY militia.

How ironic that would be to fighting Cuomo's over reach with the Safeact.

All those years that Obama and Cuomo have scoffed at our being backwards and not progressive enough that we still cling to our guns and bibles.

The day before thanksgiving Oboma released another 2,400 new regulations on businesses and people. He is also stating that come hell or highwater he is now going to force the 30 states that will not accept refugees they have to legally take them or their will be dire consequences.

Anonymous said...

1:12PM There is some truth to what you posted. There are some Dems. secretly hoping this goes down like this, that's why the halfhearted support for their candidate. Everyone and their brother will be eyeing a spot for a special election opportunity for themselves, that's how Owens gained the seat. No one had ever heard of him before.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever recall when a Member of Congress from NNY ever met with a President of a foreign country?

Mr. Foreign Policy Expert Danny Fancis, have you ever met a President of a foreign country???? I didn't think so.

Uh oh Danny, looks like countries are already readying themselves for a major US political change in foreign policy.

Bye bye!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see our congresswoman visiting our troops deployed overseas and meeting with foreign dignitaies. Now please come home and create some good jobs and work to help our small businesses!

Anonymous said...

1:12 must have sat at the bar too long last night.

Anonymous said...

112 is mostly right, as no other GOP figures other than Doheny can take over the seat. It's his when she leaves.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Last night, I posted a response here to the nasty comment by Anonymous 1:55, but it does not appear here not - what's up with that, Mr. Blog Owner?

Anonymous said...

9:41, are you from NYC? Your comment is the dumbest comment ever posted on the internet.

If you think you are being clever by trying to trick Fratty Matty into running again, it won't do you any good, because he obviously has no interest in running and even if he did, your side will not be able to beat him, no matter how green of a baker or how commie of a baker you get to run against him.

Anonymous said...

Doheny won't run again. Not for at least 5 or 6 years. At this point his losses are too fresh and he's considered tainted. No matter how weak the opponent, he would likely still lose. He needs to be forgotten before he tries again.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

For Anonymous 1:55: My wife's great Uncle was the former President of Korea, Yun, Po-Sun, who died in 1990 - we often met him for dinner and gatherings, and I knew him quite well before he died.

I also had the honor of meeting Acting President Park, Chung-hee in 1962 when he sponsored a salute to UN troops in Korea at the Blue House. I wore my Marine dress blues then.

I also met and shook hands with LBJ in 1964 at El Toro MCAS (now closed) in Santa Ana, CA, and with President Nixon at Camp Pendleton when he welcomed back the 1st Marine Division from VN in early 1971. I was part of the special honor guard - I had returned from my 2nd tour in Dec 1969.

So, stop posting speculation as if you know me - you do not.

Anonymous said...

You got a better chance of seeing Doheny running again 11:19

Anonymous said...

9:43 Dan, someone is ruffling your feathers. Shaking hands and being in a special honor guard is not the same as being in a scheduled meeting and meeting with a foreign head of state discussing geopolitical issues from the viewpoint of the unheard of 50% of Americans.

You are so easily offended, frankly you sound like one of those kids we are all hearing about on these college campuses. If I were you I would be more concerned hearing that aprox. 72% of our soldiers/military have zilch, nada, respect for the current commander in chief.

Try and not get your big boy panties in a wad, you voted not once but twice for a guy who didn't even have the capability of riding a tricycle as per the current VP.