Friday, November 27, 2015

Manners Matter and Are Appreciated

     There's just something about good manners that makes you feel good about the human condition. Today I got a very nicely written thank you note for teacher Pam Staub-Johnson up at Wiley for the Egyptian art I donated from the lot I bought at the Starbuck House auction.
     Ms. Staub-Johnson said the parchment prints would help the students better visualize antiquity and maybe they will.
     Some people realize the value of a thank you. I always get a nice note from Rande Richardson if I give something to one of his causes. Then there have been political candidates I have given money and effort to and never got a thank you.
     Everyday I am thankful for the upbringing I received.

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Anonymous said...

Many of us greybeards value manners, unfortunately many today don't........