Thursday, November 26, 2015

George Will: The low depths of higher education | News OK

      Since the criticism comes from bow-tie Republican George Will, it's safe to say it now. The academics antics we have seen of late, including at my alma mater are a sign of the wussification of a generation and a generation who now believes in numbers that everything is a grievance to which someone must pay a price.

George Will: The low depths of higher education | News OK


Anonymous said...

When I went to school the only speech you were free to malign was the conservative viewpoint. If you somehow ticked off the people of color, women, those that believed in leftist views etc you were subject to discipline. If they maligned people with thoughts similar to mine no offense was committed. And I did not have radical positions, treating all politely, professionally and equally. Good forbid I suggest that welfare perpetuates poverty and the exclusion of minorities from reaching the American dreams. And I graduated almost 25 years ago.

I will admit the college campus Mr. Will rights about is worse than I had it

Anonymous said...

It used to be that other than STEM, the vast majority of "higher education" was government subsidized mass indoctrination in stupidity. But today they have infiltrated and corrupted the STEM majors almost to the same extent.

Anonymous said...

I agree with him 100%

It's amazing what is taught, on not, in academics these days.

I saw paper fliers at JCC pointing out the "cafateria" rules.

At Kennedy school in Ogdensburg there are paper cutouts in the shape of the space shuttle on the "cafeteriums" wall. One is named Apollo. Make it in the shape of a rocket at least!

I weep for this generation.

Anonymous said...

Higher education is in crisis , it will soon be irrelevant as other more cost effective and efficient learning modalities and delivery systems provide alternatives to these over priced pious pablum factories that vacillate into systemic tailspins in response ro any social pressure be it legitimate or otherwise .to e sure academic insiruions have watered down offerings in the name of expanding access while quality suffers

Soon as this case continues to play out on TV screens nightly PARENTS will be reluctant to drop upwards of 200 thousand dollars to fund drivel and puffery .

Much of what passes today as socially responsible academic programming would have been laughed at back when colleges were substantively selective .and high schools really prepared students rather simply offer remediation and soft programming . What employer in their right mind would ever hire so called graduates of some of these innane majors that only qualify an individual to protest their every whim rather than contribute to the advancement of knowledge , productivity and or product or scientific discovery ? Higher education tonremain viablenat THESE prices must generate gainful employment for its alums ,anything less is a waste of time and money .

Change is coming as entreprenuerial advances are created to fill this need and it will revolutionize the knowledge industry heretofore entrusted to higher education .