Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dowd: Fall of the House of Bush

    The NYT's Maureen Dowd has rendered Jeb too low energy to be the GOP nominee.


Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of stupid compressed into one little opinion piece. I am sure she will write something similar on the cackling chosen womyn who lost her primary in 2008 and has a full blown communist nipping at her ankles today, at the same time that polls show several of the GOP candidates would beat her in a general election if it were held today...including TRUMP.

You seem to get a kick out linking to this kind of nonsense, don't you.

Anonymous said...

Dowd may make me want to vomit,but has some valid points about Jeb. By staying in the race he is killing any chance the establishment has of picking the candidate.

Anonymous said...

House of Bush started way back before WW2 with Prescott Bush and his many investments in the Nazi movement in Euroope . Come on guys read history no conspiracy theory... Prescotts banks and assetts were seized during the war in the Banks he owned in the US.. But the massive wealth in Europe in the Bush family was distributed in the Us with some investments in corporation..
Now on the conspriicay side its rumored that while George HW bush was part of the CIA element that paved the way for the assassination of John Kennedy. Its never been proven but its not been disproven either. If the files are ever open to public scruiteny I think many familiar names will come up as involved or at least new it prior to the event.