Sunday, November 22, 2015

Defeated CNY MOCs Taken Care Of.

    When you get beat for Congress, one option is to be a commissioner on an obscure federal agency.
Former Rep. Dan Maffei will be on the Maritime Commission and former Rep. Anne Marie Buerkle already is on the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  These are jobs that pay about $155 K.


Anonymous said...

All part of the corruption. As we read about Silver, it reminds us Baby Cuomo should be prosecuted for giving out no-show jobs to people like Scozzafava. No reasonable jury could possibly find that he gave her the job for any other reason than as a pay-off.

Anonymous said...

His man Keating?

Anonymous said...

MacHugh will land some cushy lobbying job in DC as well as some consulting jobs with military contractors. Will he sell his Pierrepont Manor hideout? Sure will! He's feasted on the good life of expensive wine, thick steaks and fancy women and can afford to keep it and ride in style in Washington.