Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day at the Auction

    It was a fun day at the Starbuck House auction as over one hundred bidders scarfed up momentos of Ronnie Grangers decorating prowess.  I got a life size lion, a statue, and I outbid a TV 7 anchor for some Egyptian art. I never would have guessed Diane has a thing for Egyptian art, but we had a nice chat and I complimented her on her recent story on the Library.
    Others picked up all sorts of items but the most expensive single item, a $16,000 commercial tanning bed went for a scant $600. The hot tub went for $1900. Lot of memories in that tub for sure. Lot of DNA too.
     The house is for sale sans content.


Anonymous said...

classy look..

Anonymous said...

What's your point ?

Anonymous said...

"Whats your point"? Maybe the point was that no matter how many velvet Elvis's the nouveau riche buy, they are still the same petit bourgeois as they were born.