Friday, November 20, 2015

Corriveau Named Shapiro Winner

   Mary Corriveau was named today as winner of the 2015 Shapiro Award for Citizenship in a ceremony at the Hilton Garden Inn. As the 64th winner of the honor, Ms. Corriveau will be recognized at the Chamber of Commerce dinner in February.
   Ms. Corriveau was joined by her husband James who this week retired after a 41 year career with the US Army, most recently at Fort Drum.
   The Corriveaus came to Watertown in 1974 and Ms. Corriveau was city manager prior to her retirement three years ago.
    From my perspective her greatest accomplishment were her tireless efforts to establish a liason between the community and the Army at Fort Drum.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Butler cast the deciding vote in firing her. And now that he won the election, in what seems like disdain to his decision, she gets a very public praising. And to think...Graham never wanted to let her go in the first place.

She is a good woman but a perfect example of the Peter principle. That is not intended as an insult either. There is no shame in not being cut out for your boss's shoes. But there is reason to be proud for making your boss look much better than he was.

rick aldrich said...

Mary is a very nice person, and well deserving. Congradulations to Mary...

Anonymous said...

Not the whole story. At all. The supporting members at the time were not overly supportive as well. It is always easy to vote last when the vote is already 3-1. Agree with Mr. Aldrich. Great person and very well deserving. The current City Manager could use professional advice from Mary, she knew how to work with people, not alienate them.