Friday, November 27, 2015

CBC: Black Friday Border Frenzy Waning

      Exchange rates, more on-line shopping options, and Black Friday marketing by retailers back home have prompted "experts" to say Canadians are less often flocking across the border on shopping trips.
      The theory makes sense as retailing in general changes, but a trip to the US is still something many Canadians do, maybe not so much for bargains, but a weekend away from home.


Anonymous said...

I support anything that helps Canadians stay home.

Anonymous said...

Spent the day in Brockville yesterday and got some major bargains. No crowds, accessible parking, knowledgeable, personable and interested sales people that were educated. Good styles and selection. Nice lunch. Great bakery. The exchange rate was a bonus but I would have been happy even without that.

Felt like the old days in Watertown and Syracuse. Looking forward to some of that over a Tom & Jerry at the Crystal.

I will shop Watertown local merchants next but, sadly, not even a $15/hour wage will fix the issues with non-owner sales staff. US owners would do well to go north for a day of for service and selection comparison.

Anonymous said...

11:11, baloney. The prices are high in Canada. The selections are limited. And our sewage dumping neighbors cheat on the exchange rate at every opportunity. The only good thing left up there is the donuts. If or when I go to Canada again, I will buy nothing and take my own lunch.