Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Buy Local Not Just This Weekend But Year Round

    Buy local is the theme Saturday as downtown businesses host a kickoff for the Christmas season. The event is at the Paddock Arcade from 10 to 2.
     Nationally this coincides with a buy local movement as the little guy tries to counter the endless Black Friday hype from corporate retailers.
     As a local business owner, I agree its good to support our local businesses, also some things are not available anymore. I was thinking the other day about where I would buy an ice machine the next time. Some retail businesses don't exist at the local level anymore, but where possible buying local is good for us all.


Anonymous said...

Love the local stores. But the box store has employed my wife for 20 years, so that isn't bad. She worked from the bottom to the top. It just takes some effort to earn that bigger wage.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ogdensburg so thats not fair.. We have only one store to shop at..