Monday, November 23, 2015

Batting .714

      Having just finished a couple bouts with voters this year, I looked back on the record.
1991- Mayoral primary (WON)
           Mayoral general (WON)
1994-  Assembly general (LOST)
1995-  Mayoral primary (WON)
            Mayoral general (WON)
1999    Mayoral general (LOST)
2000    US Senate primary (WON)
             US Senate general (LOST)
2003     Mayoral primary (WON)
             Mayoral general (WON)
2007     Mayoral general (WON)
2011     Mayoral general (WON)
2015     Mayoral primary (WON)
             Mayoral general (LOST)

Fourteen elections with a 10-4 record. In the NFL that's at least a wild card, depending on the division.
That's a lot of petitions, door to door and the like and it doesn't count the many other candidates I assisted along the way including various Council hopefuls, John McHugh, Jim Wright (Carol too)t, Cindy Intschert, Darrel Aubertine, and in some ways the incumbents now serving us.
    Clearly Bob Nortz, Hillary Clinton and the Butler lads have me figured out.


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Anonymous said...

Remember when Ted Ford ran for assembly??? He claimed The repubs could put up DaffyDuck and they would win...........Bob Nortz had a stuffed DaffyDuck at the presser........Now we have DaffyAddie...