Sunday, November 29, 2015

As Sales Tax Quarter Ends, Is This When Rate Goes Up ?

    Monday is the end of the sales tax quarter, and is Tuesday our first day at 8% in Jefferson County? I think it is, so buy a car by tomorrow and save fiddy bucks or so.
     The extra quarter point is supposed to generate an extra $4.5M with 47% going to the County 29% to the towns and villages and 24% to the City.
      I haven't read or heard anything about it but I am pretty sure it was approved in both Albany and at 175.
      On the other hand, wouldn't businesses be notified ? I never received anything, not that it matters with me, but a lot of places would want to reprogram registers, so maybe it doesn't take effect til later.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Chamber of commiemerest could clarify it for you. Also they clarify when you take Canadian at par that you can't pay your sales taxes in Canadian on those sales and need to kick in even more money than you already lost, so that the governor and the county RINO's don't get short changed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, end of the tax quarter. I wondered why the rate was going up Dec 1 instead of the first of the year.

Thought the Leg was just being grinchy.

I have made it a point to buy things before the raise, no matter how small the purchase. Guess I'm a tax Scrooge.

Anonymous said...

I just buy online from companies that don't have a presence in NYS. And there are plenty of them thanks to them being driven out of here...