Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Alcoa Plant Saved

      In a stunning political turnaround, Governor Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer rallied with workers in Massena today to announce that Alcoa will keep its West Plant open for at least three and a half more years. This preserves 600 jobs and results from an "incentive package" from the state.
     "Darkening clouds have given way to a ray of light,"  said Mr. Schumer.
      Senator Schumer said he initially felt betrayed at the corporate decision to idle the smelter operation.  He says he told the company's CEO the firm had an obligation to work out a deal.
       "The Governor is putting money into this plant that will modernize this plant and keep it competitive," Mr Schumer said.
       He said the plant will be open for generations to come and alluded to Thanksgiving in praising workers and management.  It was good to see Ernie LaBaff there although they cut off the TV coverage as he got to speak.
      For those who remember, Ernie was a legendary labor leader for many years in the Big County.


Anonymous said...

Channel seven quoted different numbers from yours.
They said they were going to lay off 500 but now will lay off less than 100. Which means 400 jobs were saved for the cost of $69mm. That means the state is paying $50k/year for each job saved, each and every year. Or, $172K for each job saved, over the course of three years.

Anonymous said...

You write well. Ever thought of getting paid for it. ?

Anonymous said...

Throw more money down the drain.. Government at it's stupidest?

Anonymous said...

What the state does not tell you is Alcoa was paid millions in tax payer money for many years to keep employment levels. How long do we have to keep paying these crooks to make it look like on paper they want to stay in the area. Alcoa has been paid millions in the past in incentives and we turned a blind eye on all the clean up costs from the property they polluted .When you put it all together the state is paying the employees wages for three years and Alcoa comes out smelling like a rose.

Anonymous said...

Your right about Addie Russell.. She has worked her ass off trying to get others involved from the get go.. Ritchie, Griffo Nelson and the SLC legislators sat on their thumbs for this entire nightmare.. Now they all will start posing telling us what an important part they played in Alcoas future.. Cuomo has done a lot of things that have upset people in NNY but certainly he is a champion like Chuck in this one...
Even the gun freaks like this move.
The democratic party should take a bow on this one.

Anonymous said...

What's worse is it's probably borrowed money from that $1.1B State and Municipality fund so we'll end up paying interest too...if it is, we won't hear about that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter NYS subsidizes more businesses, change the climate for doing business in the state...

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Ernie LaBaff ran for Congress.
And lost by a big margin.

Anonymous said...

10:43 Folks, where the hell is the money going to come from? Our taxes are the highest in the nation and it is going to cost we the taxpayers 69 million? It's all about the votes and we can't have NY be the first to topple with an ungovernable. Some cities are bonding themselves out for 25 to 30 years, what are we doing to our kids future?

Schummer, Cuomo and for cripes sakes Addie especially needs to GO.

Meanwhile lest they forget the #2 shakedown artist Shelly Smelly Silver and boss of Addies trial is over and in the hands of the jury.

Gobble, Gobble can we find him quilty at least! Andy & Schummer can't continue to ignore their brother for too much longer.

Anonymous said...

These idiot politicians piss our money away on a company that they said a few weeks ago "betrayed them ." . Go figure .!! You can't make this lunacy up .Corporate welfare greed has to stop ,taxpayers are being bilked . If you are serious about reform fix the fundamentals as to why NYS is not competitive for business relocation ...its our tax code and the fact we allow career politicians to go unchecked with term limits

So They polluted the river , the cancer rate in the immediate environs is off the charts and these fools throw more of OUR money at them . Watch Alcoa screw them in the end ...for the benefit of their bottom line and the stockholders .

what idiots we have in office today .While it is nice for the workers , we want our 172 k over the next 3 yrs too dammit .

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Age old issue:

1. Taxpayers asked or without being bein asked to bailout troubled companies that can no longer hack it on their own.

2. Then blame government for interfering in private endeavors.

3. Then blame government for not protecting or creating jobs.

4. Pols in office gain or regain bragging rights about "creating jobs."

Go figure.