Thursday, July 10, 2014

Woolf Touts On-Line Petition As He Raps Do-Nothing GOP in What is Emerging Theme in his Race

        An obstructionist Congress will likely be one of the themes Democrat Aaron Woolf attempts to use as an issue in the coming campaign. That, along with charges of big  money and outside interests trying to influence the local race, are themes emerging as you follow posts on Mr. Woolf's website and Facebook page.
      Today Mr. Woolf was touting an on-line petition urging support for Senate passage of an equal pay for equal work law.
      Behind the scenes, Democrats who follow all of this closely are brimming with confidence their side will win a race six months ago was thought lost.
     Mr. Woolf also has joined in a national Democratic attempt to vilify the Congress as creatures of comfort and privilege who get free haircuts and health club privileges.
      What Mr. Woolf is still lacking is good name ID versus opponent Elise Stefanik who got very well known as a result of the recent GOP primary.
       However, following what is coming out of Mr. Woolf's effort so far does give an indication of his message and so far his presentation and imaging has been well done.
        One troublesome bit of video was pointed out recently by Glenn Curry. It is a March 8 interview in which the candidate admits he had never been to Watertown before that day. In the interview, Mr. Woolf stated "home is where the heart is", as he insisted his heart is in NNY.

Support Equal Pay for Equal Work | Aaron Woolf for Congress


Middle-Class Mike said...

"Voters are asking, "Where's the 'Beef' Ms. Stefanik?"

Mr. Woolf is in an enviable position as a Congressional candidate, his message is consistent with the aspirations of a long neglected Middle Class constituency in NY-21. The Middle Class wants the poliitcal discussion to move towards pocketbook issues.

Those very Pocketbook issues that Elise Stefanik has been loath to discuss, will now move to the forefront in a race that has struggled to become relevant to many voters who don't identify with a GOP do nothing Congress that has no solutions to improve our daily lives in this difficult economy. Ms, Stefanik has been unable to address the needs of the Middle Class and continues to speak in generalities about the plight of families attempting to make ends meet as the price of everything continues to stretch household budgets.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Too bad we didn't have a do nothing congress back when Owens helped to vote in Obamcare. (I know the mayor doesn't hate obamcare because he gets a sweetheart deal from the city on his healthcare, but the rest of us haaaaate it.)

We don't want Woolfie in congress because if he did anything it would be idiotic. Those of us who eat sugar don't want him taking it away or taxing it. Those of us who work construction don't want open borders to flood the market with low wage workers. Those of us who have employees don't need a redundant law dictating wages for womyn.

There is already a law that requires equal pay for equal work. It is called title VII of the civil rights act of 1964. Woolfie might of heard of EEOC if he ever had a real employee, instead of just a hobby business.

Woolfie and the man-haters just want to pass another redundant law to make businesses guilty until proven innocent. How many womyn starred in Woolfie "documentaries"? Zero?

Anonymous said...

6:53AM Good morning to you MCM, I sure hope you received your marching orders from Woolf's campaign before you issued your morning statement.

Now Ms. Stefanik has the salvo, you fired the first shot Mikey and I doubt Woolfie will appreciate your efforts. Woolfie cannot detach himself from the Democrat party's of the last 6-1/2 years of this administration and what damage they have done to our country.

Mike please have Woolf issue a statement of why you think it was a good thing the President and the First Lady have spent over 44 million dollars of your money Mike during the last 6 years just flying on Air Force One to all the fund raisers, personal vacations, sep. vacation trips with the inlaws, etc. Why just yesterday he flew to Texas for 4 fundraisers, and did not think it was important to stop in at one of the detention centers to visit the illegals he has let enter our country. So when you ask Aaron Woolf to why he believes it will benefit the middle class now in providing Obama with 3.7 billion to feed the underage illegal minors that have entered America in the last 3 months.

Mike please ask Aaron Woolf when you have an unlawful President that thinks nothing of vacationing, golfing, yes golfing, going to bed while 4 of our fellow Americans were killed and having the likes of Valerie Jarret give a stand down order to save the lives of our soliders at Benghazi I have would like to hear his answer.

Mike,it is your party that is really seeking to destroy the Middle Class.

Which issue do you wish Woolf to address each and everyday. He will lose on each and everyone.

Mike, I thought after all these years you were a little more intelligent, it now appears you are taking on the role of Woolf's campaign spokesperson.

Let the games begin.

Those issues and the security of our country are serious issues I would like Aaron Woolf to answer to.

Anonymous said...

"home is where the heart is" is right down in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Name one solution.

Anonymous said...

Recent study shows that half of construction workers are illegal aliens. And that is just the ones that admitted to being here illegally. How is Woolfies open borders going to help this and improve wages for the middle class? Its not!

Anonymous said...

You will hear lots of Woolf things and Phish how he is good buddies and has writing credit with them.

Here is what you should know. This is typical Phish shows. Drugs arrests and sexual assaults. Yes in some ways many concerts have this but Phish the numbers are much higher just ask the people in a community they come to.

So was Woofl there with his pal's lining up support? Di he speak up about it? I would expect my next congress person to do so, MCM will not call him out on it! I will.

More than 200 arrested at Phish concert

Anonymous said...

Woolfie, Can you please explain how having the President with no executive experience other than being a community organizer has helped the middle class? You being a filmmaker have what experience in public policy that make you qualified to criticize Congressional Members as do nothing. Those are words we often hear coming from the President, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi each and everyday.

If that is all you have to offer to the discussion are the talking points issued from the higherups on a daily basis you may wish to rethink your campaign strategy.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Woolf might need to put in a call to the WH for clarification on equal pay issue. The current Democrat Administration is currently paying women 13% LESS than their male counterparts right in the Whitehouse.

Can we get a comment please?

hermit thrush said...

11:21 is misinformed. the white house pays men and women equally for equal work. lots of info here. some highlights from the link:

* The average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400, according to White House data released Tuesday. That is a gap of 13 percent.... One of the key reasons is that more men hold the higher-paying, senior jobs in the White House, and more women hold the lower-paying, junior jobs.

* The White House pay gap is similar to the disparity within the federal government and in the region, but it is less than that for the United States as a whole.

hermit thrush said...

at least people like 7:16 are moderately self-aware -- they're obamacare haters, plain and simple. they won't have the slightest concern for how the law is working in reality, but yeah, it turns out it actually is working. not to say it's perfect or that it couldn't be better, but as for it being some kind of epic black hole armageddon disaster with %6000 premium hikes... it's kind of been the opposite of that.

Anonymous said...

2:40PM Hermit...where are you getting this bulls....t that Obamacare is actually working.

Friend I just ran into had a great plan he was happy with. Plan was canceled a year ago, gentlemen is self employed could not obtain reasonable insurance through the chamber and is now covered through the State exchange which you the taxpayer are SUBSDIZING. Plan was originally canceled since he was a male and it DID NOT INCLUDE BIRTH CONTROL IN HIS GOD.....PLAN!

A year ago he was forced into a high deductible first out of pocket of $5,000 annually then the co pays will kick in. Just received a notice that his premiums per month as of September are increased to $200.00 per month in addition to his copays.

For me personally and I am covered by a very generous employer with a 70% to 30% I pay for premium has increased 30% last year and now I just received notice of a 20% increase effective September.

The government of the United States has no business being in the health insurance business. Now we hear that the Dems. (Aaaron Woolf are trying to introduce a new law to counteract the recent decision last week of the Supreme Court simply because three unqualified female Supreme members think I and every other male should be paying for birth control for all the females out there. If you are so interested in helping out the disadvantage (females) take it upon yourself and get off the government assistance you probably are receiving.


Anonymous said...

9:46PM What was the cost of the extra Sheriff, State Police to the local community. I also heard about the types of drugs that were found.

That concert was a 3 day July 3-5th,we are probably talking holiday and overtime costs to that community. So does Woolf wish to distance his association with those types or again we won't hear a peep from him on this matter.

Anonymous said...

6:53AM MCM, You are making a fool of yourself.

"enviable candidate Aaron Woolf his message is consistent with aspirations......." you may wish to research Democrat Nancy Pelosi on her most recent Press Release. Your independent minded candidate Aaron Woolf and about 8-9 other hopefuls have lifted or plagiarized his talking points off Mama Nancy's Pelosi tied to the apron strings press release.


Anonymous said...

‘Sigh’, there you go again Hermit, pissing all over our hate filled right wing carnival with pesky facts backed up by actual sources. How are we supposed to convince voters that Mr. Woolf is the devil incarnate and Elise is as pure as the driven snow when you keep proving us wrong?

Go away Hermit… just go away….

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the Hermit guy, those of us in NY21 don't give a rat's ass if your ridiculous link to Obamcare lies was true and it was "working.

What we do care about is if it is working for us. (And it is not!) We don't care if is working for some illegal immigrant or drug addict/dealer/ felon in NYC.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:16 We don't want a " law dictating wages for womyn." Wowzah!! At least the GOP war on WOMEN doesn't exist.....biggot

Anonymous said...

"… you may wish to research Democrat Nancy Pelosi on her most recent Press Release.”

Since you brought it up, you may wish to provide us with the sources you are referring to.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:10 show me a politician that hasn't flown gubbment planes, W.? Speaker of the House? Newtie? please....not middle class, but not out of the ordinary. sheesh

Anonymous said...

“Rats ass…” 7:15PM?

Here’s an idea… pull your right wing drug induced dopey head from the irrevocable recesses of Rupert Murdoch's a$$ for a minute and take a deep, deep breath…..

Are you ready?

Survey: Even Republicans Are Happy With Their New Obamacare Plans:

“Though it remains a popular target for Republican attacks, President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act appears to have not only substantially reduced the number of Americans who don’t have health insurance, but it also appears that a large percentage of new enrollees are happy with their coverage, according to a new survey.

In fact, the survey by the private nonpartisan group, The Commonwealth Fund, even found that 74 percent of newly insured Republicans liked their new insurance plans — a statistic that is sure to disturb Congressional Republicans who have been trying to repeal Obamacare for years….”


OMG, did you read that… 74% of newly insured Republicans liked their new insurance plans!!

Can you believe it? Of course you can’t -- you’re a dope…

Oh wait… that’s right, you didn’t care if it was for “illegal immigrants or drug addict/dealer/ felon in NYC…” ...because?

Now what dopey… looks like you need a new shovel for your ignorant right wing horse$h!t….


Anonymous said...

11:54 I hope you don't talk to your students with that tone and I hope you are enjoying your summers off, oblivious to the fact that most of your students know how dumb you are and how many lies you tried to teach them.

We in the 21st don't care about illegal immigrant republicans either. We care about our premiums right here in upstate NY where they keep going up faster because of You, Sandra Fluke, Owens, Pelosi and Obamcare.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:54 don't be bothered by the Stefanik camps use of party hack drones like ANON 8:07 knocking you for sharing the truth about Obama-Care. They are the same mentally challenged people that believe climate change is being fabricated by President Obama and want the oil interest to run America. Vote for Aaron Woolf and clean up Congress.

Anonymous said...

8:07 Have to agree with you, does 11:54PM wish to admit that the Obamacare law has not reduced the amount of AMERICANS that were not previously insured and it has not reduced $2,500 per family cost in medical insurance.

Another fact as recently as this week is that each and every State Insurance Dept. is seeking rate increases for 2015 because the younger generation as a whole failed to sign up, the states and insurance companies were counting on to cover the loss of the older generation plans. We all knew this was going to happen.

All given to us by you forgot to add "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, what did he call the flight attendant "THAT BITCH" SENATOR CHUCKIE SCHUMMER Nanny Pelosi there is no border between Mexico and US, "You have to pass the bill before we can read what's in it"

hermit thrush said...

there's too much crazy here to respond to everything, but let's just pick out one representative example from 8:50, who writes:

because the younger generation as a whole failed to sign up

um, no:

More specifically, newly insured Americans using the exchanges in the 18 to 29 age category are eight percentage points more prevalent than their percentage in the overall adult population, while representation of those 30 to 49 and 50 to 64 are five and four points higher, respectively.

This means that the fears that the young would refrain from buying insurance, thereby fracturing the risk pools, don’t seem to be coming to pass either.

of course, no matter what kind of evidence you present, the haters will never believe any of it. they know, just know, that obamacare can't work, and to accept any evidence to the contrary would shatter their worldview. they're way too emotionally invested for that.

there's not a lot for the rest of us to do except to keep pointing out actual evidence with actual supporting links, and then to enjoy the conservative tire fire of crazy burning away into the night.

Anonymous said...

You have to give Hermit credit for being pig headed enough to keep trying to prove the federal government is finally making something better and cheaper instead of worse and more expensive, like they do to everything else.

But then you have to wonder just how retarded he is to not understand that the voters in NY21 don't care if his lies were true. they only care that their own healthcare got more expensive and worse right here in the north county.

Lets just pick one of his crazy idiotic arguments to pick apart. Obama did not need young people to sign up he needed healthy people to sign up. But the young people who did sign up have more serious health problems and are going to cause rates to go up even further:

And then there is Hermit's own link (to an obscure blog) which says they expected the older Americans to be underrepresented in new sign ups. So the true measure would be normalized against the demographic that did not have insurance, not simply against population.

Hermit is the kind of guy that could sit in a health food store in Brooklyn and tell us how we are all better off now that our insurance went to over 12k per year and our deductibles are over 5k per year.

Anonymous said...

"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.”