Thursday, July 10, 2014

WDT: Which Sheriff Candidate Gets the W/P ?

     Someone will be disappointed soon as two candidates for Jefferson County Sheriff have submitted petitions for the Indy Party, but only one will get the Wilson-Pakula. Often the minor party state chairs play possum and tell candidates to gather petitions even though the deal may have been cut some time ago for the authorization.
       It had been thought Colleen O'Neill had the inside track on the W/P but a deal for Republican John Bocciolatt may have been cut in February when other authorizations were agreed to.  With the Democrat submitting 18 over the required number, the GOP may look to challenge.
         I was waiting to hear more about the Family Judge race, to see what minor party primaries will surface.
        On a macro level, the other petition story for today is the expected submission of Zephyr Teachout to run against Andrew Cuomo in a Democratic Primary. John Lu would also contest the LG spot against Kathy Hochul.

Watertown Daily Times | Update to petition count


ted said...

personal...fix your post. you mean INDY not WFP right

ted said...

no wait you neant Wilson Pakula...I read it as WFP

Anonymous said...

Does it matter whether the sheriff is a Dem. or a Rep.? I mean, is abortion or health care something the sheriff worries about. This is another position where politics kind of ruins what the issue of the position entails. The sheriff's office needs some cleanup, that's all.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. Sounds like too many people will just vote for the trooper chick.

Why would anyone who has an ounce of common sense vote for a democrat? Hasn't the Sheriff's office already grown too big under democrat leadership? Internet sex stings using pictures of naked cop chicks?

If the trooper chick isn't just going to give us more of the same Burns empire ineptness, then why is she a democrat? If she is not going to cry for a bigger jail with more union employees and more pensions to pay then why is she a democrat?

But more importantly, why would any man vote for a fiscal spend thrift democrat? Oh yeah...because she is blonde... forget I asked.

Anonymous said...


sounds like a beauty pageant doesn't it?

hope voters are smarter than that

we shall see

Anonymous said...

11:45 keep hoping...

I wish candidates were smarter than that. You won't hear them running on a theme of tightening up the ship. The pageant theme could be ended real fast with some candid pictures instead of just letting the public see the posed for pictures.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if someone had the guts to post some of those candid pictures for the public to see.