Zephyr Gets Down with Dance Moves at Parade in Brooklyn

Zephyr Gets Down with Dance Moves at Parade in Brooklyn
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No Dancing, Governor Heads Parade on Route to Second Term

No Dancing, Governor Heads Parade on Route to Second Term
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WDT: What Is Rain Up To ?

     As St. Lawrence County DA Mary Rain begins a witch hunt of county government with her grand jury probe into why a grant application wasn't filed, one benefit could come if Ms. Rain shares the records subpoenaed with the public. Specifically the dealings of asset forfeiture, an often dubious money and property grab by government under the guise of the "war on drugs."
      The probe may also be a way to bring Republicanism back to county government and topple the administration of Karen St. Hilaire, the county administrator.
       This might also be a good time for the county to consider an elected county executive, to increase accountability.
        I am not sure how much the DA is interested in reform or if she is just mad over a grant application, but full disclosure of what's unearthed is essential if any of this is to make any sense.
Watertown Daily Times | Rain issues subpoenas; St. Lawrence County legislators weigh legal options


Anonymous said...

Its called grandstanding and intimidating.
Mary Rain hasnt kept any job in her life very long because she cannot work within a system with people and DA is no exception.
She got raises for her assistants by going outside the system then she run to Central Trades union so they would get verbal about her space problem. She bypassed the normal legislature requests disregarding the fact this move might disrupt others rather than just help her. Now this debacle..She couldnt work as a public defender head without controversy so she quit but for all you fine people that voted for her, just get the billfolds out because shes going to cost you a lot of money.
And by the way the Oral Nick Hillary thing is just wind and grandstanding.. I cannot believe there is anymore evidence now that two or three years ago.. If hes aquitted we,ll pay for that too.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe she's just mad at St. Hilaire because the county administrator and legislature fired her as public defender. Duve is looking better every day.

Anonymous said...

I want to see how this plays out.
Sounds like our mayor knows it to be a "witch hunt" or else she is must "mad". You forgot to guess if maybe she just needs a Midol.

Of course what should I expect from a mayor who shrugs his shoulders when a deputy gets away with drinking and driving or when all city employees get away with not collecting ten$ of thousand$ in city recreation fees? Maybe you are right and the RINO county does not have similar crap going on in it. But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Jeff, you need to start cracking down.

Anyone on that council that does not want to institute what's good for the public is good for them need to go. Actually they should be abiding by higher rules because they are usually held to a higher standard.

Anonymous said...

Hell nor Rain hath no fury ....

Anonymous said...

Jeff - If you want to see how forfeiture money is spent, you can just ask for that under the Freedom of Information Law. It's public info if you ask. You don't need to subpoena 10 years of records, emails, etc. which will grind county government to a halt and necessitate hiring expensive outside lawyers.

I wouldn't be surprised if this bites Ms. Rain fast and hard. There are laws and ethical rules regarding how DA's must conduct themselves, including what they can say in the press. She should read them. There are other offices with subpoena power too.

Anonymous said...

This woman danced on a dead boys grave to get elected and is now in wayyy over her head with that case. She should be asked if her campaign recieved money from the Justice for Garrett Fund?
Was the mother she campaigned with to get the job ever a suspect in her sons death?
Is she hiding evidence in that points to a County deputy sheriff as the guilty party?
Did she present untrue facts to a grand jury to get a murder indictment?
Is she planning to do it again against legistators? Is this revenge for St. Hilaire firing her a couple years ago for nasty racist jokes and for treating clients poorly?