Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WDT: Gluten-free bakery to enter Potsdam village this fall

      The world was simpler when I didn't know what gluten was....I still don't really, other than it has something to do with bread and like products.
      Now everything has to be gluten free, although I heard a report the other day that health claims about its elimination may be dubious.
      I was even shamed into eschewing Milk Bones in favor of dog biscuits labled as gluten free.

Watertown Daily Times | Gluten-free bakery to enter Potsdam village this fall


Anonymous said...

Gluten is a wheat by-product. And unless you genuinely have Cyliacs (not sure about the spelling) disease, this gluten free crap is just the current "gotta be cool" bandwagon for the clueless sheeple to climb onto.

You are not alone in not knowing what gluten is, Jeff. The vast majority of those who "have to have a gluten free diet" haven't a clue as to what it is either.

Anonymous said...

you are better off checking the country of origin rather than whether it's gluten free or not.Some of those chinee doggy products are likely to have more lead in them than a box of pencils..

Anonymous said...

Gluten is a naturally occurring protein in wheat. High gluten flower is best for breads and low gluten is best for pastries. The gluten content is less for winter wheat, which is planted in the autom and harvested in early spring.

There are many genetic freaks who cannot tolerate gluten, even if they do not test positive for Celiac disease.

Unlike sickle cell, these genetic mutants are not limited to Mediterranean races such as Italian, Greek Jew and black. Celiac disease is just as likely to afflict the master Nordic races.

Mat D said...

8:08 Really needs to step into the 21st Century

As far as gluten free dog treat's, I say screw it Mayor Graham. They can guilt me into eating healthy foods more often than not. All to often sacrificing a good tasting meal because it is more "healthy". Damn it my dogs are going to be happy and will enjoy their snacks, gluten filled or not.