Friday, July 11, 2014

WDT: Dems Keep Rove Pot Stirred

      Supporters are Democrat Aaron Woolf are suddenly defending the honor of defeated GOP Congressional candidate Matt Doheny. In a letter to the editor, Democrat and frequent talk show caller Doug "Cave Man" Anderson decried PAC sponsored commercials. 

      I don't buy Doug's feigned outrage, but its consistent with an emerging Woolf theme of picking up on already made criticisms of the involvement of Karl Rove and other big money interests in the race.

      Watertown Daily Times | Campaign borrowed White House tactics


Middle-Class Mike said...

Matt Doheny raised the issue of outside PAC money determining the election. The working hard going door to door, with a good campaign staff at his disposal wasn't enough to beat Elise Stefanik who was backed by about 1million dollars of Crossroads and Karl Rove attack Ad money. As the defeated challenger Matt Doheny felt it necessary to warn the voters of NY-21 that Elise Stefanik couldn't win the General Election on her own and that DC Insiders and Karl Rove would attempt to spend PAC money in our District, to buy a Congressional seat for Ms. Stefanik.

Mr. Doheny asked is that what we the voters want, outside PAC money buying our Congressional seat for Elise Stefanik, who's controlled by Wash. DC insiders? Well the answer to that Mr. Mayor is no we do not want our Congressional seat controlled by the Wash. DC insiders and PACs that Ms. Stefanik is all too cummy with deciding our Congressional race.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Mikey might have a little more luck with this because Rove is a little more known and hated, unlike Ryan, who got 74 million votes,

Anonymous said...

8:29AM Low Class Mike, you smoking something today? Good campaign staff......Judas, lovely Mares, Trombley of Lowes Big Box, Catafalamo of Park I take any money from any dirty individual...

You sir, look more foolish each day and it is rather early in the cycle is it not. don't think Pelosi or Woolfie will be too pleased with you today! LOL

Max Volume said...

I'm quite sure the DEMS would never use any PAC money. ;)

The Republicans simply beat them at their own game and now the DEMS are mad.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the 21st. District should go to the highest bidder.

Go Rove!!