Monday, July 7, 2014

Twelve for Twelve..Stefanik Wins 'Em All......Woolf Picks Up Doheny Theme

    Final counting of absentees has given Elise Stefanik a slim two vote win in the portion of Herkimer County located in NY21.  That gives the GOP and Conservative nominee a 12 county sweep in the June 24th primary that netted her 61% to opponent Matt Doheny's 39%.
    Officials confirmed the narrow two vote margin this afternoon.
Elise Stefanik Sunday Night in Rouses Point
      With Ms. Stefanik on the B and C lines, her principle opponent Aaron Woolf is the nominee of the Democratic and Working Families Parties.  There is also Green Matt Funiciello and Independence candidate Matt Doheny, although there has been no post election folo up on what happens with his candidacy.
     The emerging themes of the Woolf campaign are coming into focus...North Country mountain Democrat versus  Rovian special interests and money from DC. A post on FB today summarized it.
Aaron Woolf Over the Weekend

"Karl Rove and his Washington, D.C. special interest allies plan to attack Aaron for stepping up and providing a positive vision for Upstate New York and the North Country. With your grassroots support, we can make sure our voice is heard. Please click this link and volunteer for Aaron Woolf's campaign.," the posting said.
     The theme will find willing ears in media locally, but whether Mr. Woolf can sell himself as North Country enough, I don't know. 


Anonymous said...

He couldn't even take one county. Don Coon, whether people want to admit it or not the results are seen as the pushback of the people towards the underhandedness of the WDT and yourself.. Reminds me too well of the flyer from Crossroads of Doheny digging his hole with the shovel and the pile of sh....t piling up beside him. The picture or the ad should have also included the editors, John b. Johnson and Don Coon. What a joke each and every one of them.

I just can't figure who used whom more.

Anonymous said...

So the absentees came in pretty much in the same way as the actual votes that Tuesday night? Unbelievable, Stefanik pretty much kept everything close to the vest, knew the lies that Doheny had been spewing was pretty much working against him, knew the WDT had to be in bed with Doheny.

Take away also is that every elected pol. that endorsed Doheny either the people turned on them or they sandbagged Doheny with the amount of pull they believed they had with the voters.

Losers Johnson, Coon III, Editors, Maxon, Duprey, Blankenbush, Tommy John, Little, Griffo, 500+ callers begging Doheny to run, 160+ small town elected official acting advisors,Park Strategies, Al D'Amato, Catafalmo. Looks like it will be easy pickings or lots of dead meat to eat by Woolfie.

Winners 11 County Chairs, Long,and more importantly the voters!

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to reach out to Judas,maybe he has finally relized that he needs another sugar daddy.

Better yet let's check in with the newsroom to see if that unlimited access has been cut off yet. Maybe it has since they probably have figured out that Jude was feeding them a line of bulls....the entire time with internal polls showing Doheny was going to win all those counties including SL, Jefferson and Lewis.

What a crock!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that win was entirely about her vs Matt. The stars kind of lined up for her. She also did a lot of work before Doheny got into the race. She deserved that and I respect that. But there is also another aspect of this that should be considered. Dannie and Mikey always talk about the War on Womyn. That's quite a load of BS even for them. There's no such thing. It's just a spin campaign designed to motivate one portion of their voting bloc. I think there's just the opposite going on. Many people are reacting to this false story, and are defensive about supporting women candidates. It's much like some who support Obama just because they are worried about being labeled racist. Many now support women because they are afraid of being labeled sexist. Elise came along just at a time when such guilt played to her favor. I think she will be a good representative. But I don't think being male or female is much of the reason. She's just the best person for the job. But if you want to vote for her because she is female that's your business. The guilt thing, constantly marketed by Dan and Mike, never really did much for me.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show you money cant buy everything can it..

Anonymous said...

I think you got your decimal in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

Well the boys got their asses kicked big time all by a little green intern.

Just goes to show you who wanted it more, who was willing to do the work that it takes in todays world.

Could be a generation thing like Harvard has been claiming that there is nothing there for her generation, we have already spent the money of her generation, our grandchildren and their kids. Makes us you all warm and fuzzy, what we have done to the country now doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

229.. Lets not forget one more significant loser in this race.. Patty Plate.. Shes done nothing for us so lets not give her a chance to slide through the cracks. She voted against the SAFE act because she new it was the right thing to do and her constituants would not support it but in his case she just let him buy her time and time again..Also Patti thanks for the Grant to help his islands be weed free..

robert k. kirchoff said...

No. 3:56, "..."we" have already spent ... what "we" have done to the country..."

There ain't no "we" about it.

The Ruling Class did this.

Oh, it's true that saps voted for "free stuff" without thinking of tomorrow.

But The Ruling Class convinced these that the can could be forever kicked down the road.

The Ruling Class exploited the ignorant in their quest for ever-increasing power. The Ruling Class chose personal power over the welfare of this country.

Anonymous said...

Local media as in the WDT now supporting a good ole "Mountain" Democrat one of us born and raised here. Nope, I see nothing,no ties at all to the left, no ties to the NYC Bill Deblasio, no ties to the Hollywood filmmakers, my gosh we can't even say he graduated from the lefty of all left colleges Middbury, amensty or illegals that's a racist, carbon tax, Obamacare, minimum wage, Commoncore. Tax and spend, tax and spend!
Can't wait for the glowing endorsement. Will read as "Aaron Woolf with real world experience as a filmmaker truly understands what the district needs"

raymond j lear 3rd said...

One thing most are going to have to understand now. Woolf is the man from outside and she isn't. She put her name into our hands and now is the lady from this area and 11 other counties. her name is well known be 69% of these twelve counties.

Anonymous said...

4:39pm Will some please explain to me what the difference is between a Mountain Democrat and a real Democrat,pleaseeeeee. All I know is all the Dems. proudly display the D and P for progressives are glued to the hip, stay on message and are out to destroy the country.

"Aaron Woolf with real world experience as a filmmaker truly understands what the district needs"

I agree, that is how it will eventually read, sounds a little hollow like "Matt Doheny with real world business experience truly understands what the district needs" and we know best.

He just won't be able to seperate himself from Guv. Cuomo, Senator Chuckie, Senator Gilly, Obama, Hillabeast, Isreal, Biden, Durbin, the real green treehugger from Vermont oh and almost forgot Sandra Fluke. None will be to pleased to learn that he calls himself a "Mountain Dem" and they are real Dems.

Anonymous said...

4:12PM Yes, We need to add Pattycakes to the list.

Have you figured out yet Patty that Don Coon and Matt Doheny are finished.

A former committee person

rick aldrich said...

2:40pm ; Very well said... I would add that when Ms. Stefanik was at the starting gate, the other horses were at the feeding trough, waiting to be shown, where the starting gate was ....

Anonymous said...

I think we need some or a serious debate now just debating the topic of Obamacare between Woolf and Stefanik.

Stefaniks' position, Slash and burn, cut and cut again all the benefits regarding marriage counseling, drug/alcoh counseling, gender reassignment counseling, feel good and are you having a nice day counseling mood disorder counseling, etc. etc. Oh almost forgot, pay for your own damn abortions and birth control pills vs.
Woolf's position, equal medical benefits for prisoners, taxpayer funded sex changes to all including prisoners, rapists and murderers is a must, health benefits to illegals is a civil right. Yes I would like to see a debate just on this topic.

Anonymous said...

"Aaron Woolf with real world experience as a filmmaker truly understands what the district needs"

4:39PM is correct; instead, the WDT’s endorsement should read:

lElise Stefanic with real world experience as a neo-con policy writer, and bought and paid for Karl Rove lackey, truly understands what the district needs.

It only makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, thanks 5:59PM, all the more reason to vote for Ms. Stefanic.

By the way, you left out the best part; she is a staunch proponent of corporate welfare and will work tirelessly for the 1%.

Go Elise!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to pike when I read that someone thinks the GOP war on woman is over. From birth control to abortion access, to equal pay for equal work the GOP lines up against woman. Woman know it and they won't be voting for Republican candidates in large numbers. So 12:40, I take youi spelling womyn as an insult. You know as much about woman as the GOP knows about getting Congress to work. Woman know that the GOP is an obstacle to their advancement. And Stefanik supporters like you help us get the message across that she's running for the anti-woman Party in NY-21 and won't getour vote.

Anonymous said...

Woolf's photographer is a pro. The little girl who looks totally enraptured by the fact that her shirt matches Woolf's tie is pretty adorable. Compare that to the shots of Doheny walking by himself on lonely streets or knocking on closed doors. Optics matter.

Anonymous said...


It’s not that the fanatical far right hate women per say… you know, pro creation ala a quickie in the back of the pick-up after a PBR fueled evening… rather, they have an abnormal preoccupation and fear of the female nether region….

UNLESS, and this is key… unless, they have complete control over it.

Anonymous said...

So Stefanik must be a man then, by your logic. The GOP certainly has been good to her.

So let's sabotage Elise's chances to represent us by using the argument that she works for the anti-woman party, guaranteeing that she won't be a role model for successful woman. Great idea.

Now name all the things the Dems do for women.

Anonymous said...

2:14 2:29 2:37 4:12 4:34 5:41
What happened in your life that you hate so much. Talk about negative campaigns your post are all about it.

Do you understand democracy. You have an election with two (or more) people running a vigorous campaign. You do not have the party chairs and or their committee pick the candidate. If you have two people who want to run you let them run. I will not crucify Don Coon as one member of a large group who decided to let the voters pick the candidate.

I will not crucify and dump others who supported a loser. Because, Afterwards you have a loser. Fortunately, some of us were not coddled and understand that in life you have winners and losers. You move on. The winner does not seek vengeance on the loser and the loser does not undermine the winner.

God forbid, if your likes ran the party and decided what should happen and who should run. Me, I pick democracy

Anonymous said...

4;15PM You are right but OMG they forgot to mention that the Democratic administration WHouse pays (woymn!) 13% less than the heshe men that do the same jobs. Equality for women, the Democratic party.

Oh, but they are working on it.

But by golly Pelosi would parade around the likes of Sandra Fluke, so courageous that she wanted all those mean men to pay for her birth control pills. After maybe 40 years they finally suckered the men to have to pay up for on the demand sex they want and the results that may occur afterwards.
That's what is important to the democratic woymn and the sexual assults now after all these years that occurring on campus.

I truly feel sorry for young men today, if up until a year or longer now that when a woman maybe didn't think she wanted to have that sexual encounter on campus and she changes her mind a year later when she meant to say "no" it can now be viewed as a sexual assult.

Yup mothers and fathers, you had better start educating your young sons on what may happen to them all for a leisurely sexual encounter. That's todays version of women in the democratic party!

Anonymous said...

6:49am I only posted one of the comments and not the others. But glad to see that many others are feeling the same way as I do. I am sick and tired of people like you not believing that the loser does not seek to undermine the winner.

Just look at the WDT,over a week the editorial is a piece again to ruffle feathers and to keep the bad feelings boiling with regards to their endorsed candidate. Yes people need to move on, I am a former committee member and I did not respect the way Don Coons handled his part as a County Chair and his heavy hand with the current committee people. Still today he is not acting as a County Chair nor are the committee people. Don Coon does need to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

839 then do it I suppose the county chair should support who you support and do what you want. The Republican party is a democracy. If you do not like it run for the committee and then run for the chairman.s job.

And I am glad to see you also oppose the WDT printing an opinion piece on their opinion page. Of course they should have called you to have you write it

Sounds like you couldn't get along with others and quit the party