Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tipped workers seek higher wage

        The debate over the sub-minimum wage for restaurant workers is on and as usual the one size fits all government approach doesn't work so well.
        Many tipped workers do very well, and much of what they receive is tax free, certainly if its in cash.
Others don't do so well, but it depends on their own skills and where they work.
         Certainly in an urban area, what is adequate may differ from rural areas. Some jobs are just starter jobs for young people, while others are trying to earn a living
        And tips themselves, are a subjective allocation made by customers, based on their own criteria.  Albany will impose a solution that will make no one happy. But rest assured, the egalitarians who devise the policy will be paid 20 to 30 times an hour what the little people make that they claim to be fighting for.
Tipped workers seek higher wage - Times Union


Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with paying min wage to everyone, including those who are supposed to get tips.

Publius said...

Any server that is good at their job makes $20+ an hour and never declares the actual amount to the IRS. The guy in the article doesn't even speak English and is bitching because he isn't living high on the hog as a busboy? Gimme a break, learn the language, get an education then a better job, or go back to picking avocados.

Anonymous said...

10:29 Must be all the waitresses I know are not good at their jobs.
It would be very rare for any of them to make $20/hr around here. They would schedule more servers if it was that busy. Plus may places make them split the tips with others.

ray lear said...

Six table min served over a hour should net you at least five dollars a table, yes people are cheap. That's Thirty dollars an hour plus your wage. If you get it, I understand again that people suck. I watched a lady run her ass off just last week for some people and they left her a dollar. That's one thing we have always done. Even if the person waiting our table was a total moron, we left the standard amount based on the amount of the check. But in general on a good day with good people (1.19) you don't fool me. You do well. You deserve it. But as one said right here, the bus-boy needs to learn English and get an education to move on. The low paying job is a jump to something better. Must just don't make the jump.

Anonymous said...

Ray, WTF are you talking about? Everyone fools you.

I know a lot of waitresses and they don't make that much around here. Maybe the few who work the few mom and pops that are left, do, but not the majority who work at chains. Even if they are given enough tables, the Canadians are who flock here are not knons as tippers. 'dem coloreds are even worse tippers and bigger complainers too.

C R said...

Well am I to believe a troll or some person I know who works the same job you ramble on about? Aaaaaa no sale.

Anonymous said...

Ray, you believe whatever duh-lusion pops into your head. If they made $30/hr as you claim, then YOU would be waiting tables instead of handing out spark plugs for half that rate. Maybe you better check with one more than one person before you decide. Its not that you are ignorant...its just that you know so much that isn't so.

C R said...

Still no sale Mr. Troll. I do know many people who have served their time working for tips. You take the good with the bad. I worked running pizzas. It wasn't enough to feed me. I do what I know and it isn't serving food. I will be the first to admit my tips would suck. See you think you know everyone and everything. Maybe it's your problem?

Anonymous said...

Make up your story as you go along Raymond? First it was "the person you know" and now its the "many people you know".

The "many people you know" are probably the bartenders that you drool over and drop money on like a drunken sailor. I am talking about the other 90% who work at restaurants.