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Monday, July 7, 2014

Teachout: I have petition signatures to run against Cuomo | New York Post

    She may be a law professor, but Zephyr Teachout will likely get a lesson in election law and the dark art of making sure voters aren't burdened with a pesky primary.

     Ms. Teachout will submit petitions this week seeking a primary challenge to Governor Andrew Cuomo,  but Democrat election lawyers are ready to challenge as the prospect of a primary from the left worries the Governor and mostly worries his more conservative upstate running mate who could get picked off leaving Andy without the D and E lines and with a $15 an hour running mate.
      I assume Ms. Teachout is also running an LG candidate. It is the smart move.  Actually if she had run an LG primary herself, it really would have given Mr. Cuomo fits as Ms. Teachout became a little bit of a liberal icon when she challenged the Governor at the kooky WFP  convention.
      She should now circulate independent petitions in order to form a new party. Winning the Dem primary is a long shot, but getting 50K on a new line in the fall is very doable.

Teachout: I have petition signatures to run against Cuomo | New York Post


Anonymous said...

The only way to fix NY and CA is to cut off their funding from DC, in the same way that highway funding is tied to DWI laws.

Idi Amin Duda said...

Progressiveness has got into Albany! Just that simple. If we don't like it, easy to fix. Don't vote for it.