Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ritchie Glides to Another Term

   Senator Patty Ritchie is now in the category of unbeatable in her district that includes Watertown. Unopposed this year, the Senator has submitted nominating petitions for reelection with three times the required numbers of signatures, so just in case anyone was thinking of running , they should think again.
     Unfortunately while petitions were being done, Senator Ritchie and her other two NNY counterparts became members of the minority as the WFP and its allies were able to break up the IDC, which will in January share power with Democrats and run the Senate unless the GOP can pull off some upsets in November.
Ritchie Files Election Petitions with 3x Needed Signatures- Patty Ritchie for State Senate


Anonymous said...

Patti,Joe and Ken all need to go.

All ineffective representatives. Patti may have receivied 3x the signatures but where have their voices been heard down in Albany.

Ineffective in the party from the very top NYS Republican Chairman, Skelos, and Knolb.

Time for bare knuckle politics and none of these three are known for that.

There has to be something in our water that is producing these best of the best.

Anonymous said...

So 8.27 where are your signed doc.s and lawn signs?

Anonymous said...

Just when the you think the most least influential majority legislator in the state couldnt be less effective... BOOM! She goes and gets relegated to the minority. Could Darrell or Jim please come back?

Anonymous said...

9:14 June Oneil (8:27) doesn't want to run she just wants to crow about it.

Anonymous said...

$70K for Doheny's island weed cleanup is pretty timely, eh?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what taking pictures for facebook can do. Patti is the "Senator who's there"