Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Republican to Force Primary in AD 116

    Barring challenges, there will be a GOP primary for Assembly in the 116th (River District).  John Humphrey and John Byrne III have both filed petitions in Albany.
     Mr. Byrne has also filed for the Conservative and Independence lines, which will also require the issuing of a W/P, something certain in the Indy Party but not so certain in the Conservative Party, where  State Chair Mike Long was blasted last winter for his refusal to endorse Matt Doheny for Congress.
John Humphrey Files in Albany
       Conservative Russ Finley of Lisbon is expected to file, as in incumbent Democrat Addie Russell.
      In the 117thAD,  Ken Blankenbush is the only filer with the R, C and Indy lines.


Anonymous said...

How do you get this information before anyone else ? Is it because you are mayor ?

Anonymous said...

No, not because he's mayor.

It is simply because he cares enough to ask. That's what a reporter does.

The WDT apparently doesn't care.

They may eventually report it after reading about it in the mayor's blog. Sad commentary on the state of WDT reporting. They're too busy trying to continue their Elise rant and planning their Wolfie plaudits.

Anonymous said...

Pity the Johnsons.

They are clueless.

Anonymous said...

Ya think that the Mayor is now becoming the Go to Person?

Well he should be, he is reading the tea leaves better than the elected or the chattering class.

If I were Mike Long I sure would have a red line right into the Pearl Street Pub.

Anonymous said...

Primary? That is a dirty word! We hate primaries.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mr Humphries, the thought of John Byrne in the Assembly makes me sick...even more so than our current representative.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Humphrey worked as hard as Byrne has you would have known.I presume the Dems are a bit worried about Byrne.