Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rage Against Property Hard to Prove

    Respect for property isn't just a problem for residential landlords, sometimes a commercial tenant can do a number on you and it's hard to do anything about it. Over the weekend I was told of a business owner in the city being evicted for non-payment and the owner took the three day court order as an opportunity ,along with their friends, to totally trash the place. Even had the Fire Department and Police there as there was a suspected gas leak while destroying the furnace.
     Proving the condition before the spree and finding out who did what is difficult, so criminal charges are out and a civil judgment against someone who doesn't pay does little either.
    Landlords, despite their shortcomings, have a tough time seeking recourse against tenants who behave in the extreme.


Anonymous said...

despite what shortcomings?
If you are referring to residential LL's, then hire an inspector and have a certificate of occupancy like real cities have. Otherwise, don't make jabs.

Anonymous said...

what business ? I didn't see anything on the news