Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quencer Petition Count Rattles Party Leaders

     The hustle award locally goes to Family Court Judge candidate Kathy Quencer for her 2598 GOP signatures and ample peititions for the Indy, Conservative and Green lines, although we hear a state senator talked her out of filing WFP as it might offend party leaders.
Kathy Quencer files Petitions
     The party leaders are pretty much supporting Eugene Langone, who we assume also filed today.
     The judge race seems to have lined up the way the Congressional primary did, but Ms. Quencer's signature total should be of concern to party leaders anxious to regain control of the process after a rocky year.
      (GOP insiders were carping today that many of the signatures were gathered by notaries who are not    registered Republicans)   Like anyone really cares.
      I was told today the reason party leaders can't stand me is because I know too much about process and how things really work, and that's knowledge that is at the heart of their power. That was a nice compliment, but as long as I am confined to this blog, I don't pose much of a problem.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, People just don't get it, trying to hang on to the little power or control they still have.

What this says to me regarding the sheer signatures Quencer received from the GOP party is that how unhappy people are with those in power. They still can't get anything right and Quencer is just going to waltz right in. Nothing but a bunch of fools.

When is Coon going to step down?

Anonymous said...

Well...that doesn't explain why the rest of us can't stand you.

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much that your the topic of conversation other than in your own mind.

Anonymous said...

709 you make no sense. Quencer may win but not because coon or the republican powers. The numbers do not speak if satisfaction. I would bet well over half of those signed would not remember who that signed for if asked. 80% of the others would not know if the party is supporting Ms Quencer or Mr Langone.
The numbers merely mean Ms Quencer and her team, which included republican committeemen worked hard. It means she will work hard in the primary campaign.
Ms Quencer did well getting over 500 on her own. But the notary thing should not be overlooked. That means they are not republicans and can not vote for her.

In addition notary signatures are easier to challenge thought with 2500 that will not be an issue.
That being said 709 sounds like someone who would turn whatever happens into an anti Coon event.

Anonymous said...

Mikey just keeps getting dumber and dumber every time he posts a comment. A lot of signatures means one or more people worked hard to get a lot of signatures. I know several registered republicans who signed her petitions and they will not be voting for her.

Anonymous said...

I could care less how many signatures any of them get. It's about ballot access and nothing more. That being said, I am supporting Mr. Langone because he has the experience in Family Court and as a parent that matters to me!

Dick Gagnon said...

Jeff, you have to start thinking from the neck up and not from the neck down. The Cave Man was spot on in his letter to the WDT editor.
Regarding the Family Court judgeship election all one has to done is listen to the content of Gene Langones speaking presentations at any of the events that he attends and compare those comments to his life experiences and you will realize that Gene is the best candidate for the position, at you should.
You should do the above and not take Stefanik directives!

Jeff Graham said...

Dick- You should check campaign finance filings to see who I have supported before you make the standard conclusion about who I support.
As for women candidates in general, there are a lot of them this year, and as for Stefanik, I felt she was an outstanding candidate last year and did what I could to help her out along the way. But make no mistake, she won on the merits and on her own hard work.

Anonymous said...

8;15AM Mr. Mayor, these people are small minded but it is nice to see that you don't perceive them beneath you and continue to respond professionally.

I can't fathom Just because you posted a picture of the female judge candidate that 6:56 assumes you are thinking from parts of the neck down. I did not read into your post that you were favoring the female candidate and I am a huge Langone fan and will be voting for him.

Hey Dick, Class act with your last line, stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Do not confuse the parties running in the Republican Party primary for family court judge. It is Judge Quencer against a couple key republicans who feel Langone should be repaid for helping another judge get elected a couple years ago. These 2 or 3 individuals in key positions at the county level have disregarded, ignored, and undermined a current elected republican judge of 6 years to support what they perceive as "payback" for helping out on a previous judicial campaign. Langone has about as much experience in family court as a podiatrist has in brain surgery. Langone himself has publicly stated he didn't know how he got through law school. The republican voters where nearly split in half at primary. One half was bamboozled by a couple key republicans and the other half voted on the knowledge and character of a well respected life long member of the community.