Finally Someone a New Generation Can Relate To ?

Finally Someone a New Generation Can Relate To ?
Elise Stefanik With Carthage Students

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pole Carries Russia

     A closer look at returns from Herkimer County showed Elise Stefanik carried the Town of Russia by a margin of 86-65 over her opponent.


Anonymous said...

Must have been that those polish eggs from Pete's took the race instead of the bad super pacs. Or maybe the Poles didn't like the way Doheny's nasty robo calls, mailers and ads making fun of the little green intern, hmmmm she just happens to have a bit of Polish in her.

Mikey, do you think that the Poles thought that Doheny and Park Strategies were a little too nasty on one of our own. At least that is the way the majority are seeing it, what say you?

Anonymous said...

How about a statement from the 3 losers----Matt, D'Amato and Alphonse's bosom pal at the big desk at WDT.

L O S E R S.....crying in their white wine. White whiners!

Anonymous said...

OMG 7:02 get a life

Anonymous said...

7:02 you are right on!

Those WDT boys just don't get it, do they. They're sticking with the loser. They will never give Elise an even break. When will they wake up and accept the fact that their rag is no longer relevant?
Rumor is the Glens Falls paper is looking to open a news bureau here and that one of the 260'ers has already interviewed. They're looking for office space with existing wi fi, internet and satellite -related access. They were looking at a space on the Square, but Donald ABCDE wants megabucks for 19th century accomodations. Too bad the WDT doesn't even know where Glens Falls is!

Anonymous said...

where does little brother fit in?
is he a player or does the big desk overwhelm him?

Anonymous said...

Just heard another newsperson interviewed, after having suggested to the glens Falls paper that they cover the W section of NY 21 for the campaign.

Anonymous said...

8:06PM I think the comments here are relevant! It's the WDT refusal to admit what their true agenda was with their (weakly) followup on Stefanik on Stefanik buying the seat and the bad super pac.

All the while the WDT is slowly slowly slowly dying...dying...dying.

As 8:27 stated they just don't get it and alas we the public are the ones who are suffering.

6:34AM I sure hope our Mayor get's a piece of something, he is long overdue for someone to acknowledge that this here blog of his is becoming more relevant each and everyday. I think we can compare it a a cross between page six, Capital Confidential and State of Politics. Yes Jeff, you have the start of being a news source for Upstate NY.

Anonymous said...

who is "little brother?"

Anonymous said...

9:23AM I think little brother is Jr. to John Johnson, big brother who knows all.

Just doesn't fill the shoes of the elder, anyone care to comment?

Anonymous said...

Little Harold has never been a player, so I'm told. He has the title but is totally overwhelmed by big bro.

Anonymous said...

Caspar Milquetoast?

Anonymous said...

As a longtime employee of the newspaper, I can CONFIRM the above.

Bow tie terrorism.
Bad haircut elitists.
Newzjunky & Graham: HOW DARE THEY!
OMG, ego, ego.
Doheny worshipers. Elise haters. And the first floor employees just cant understand it.

Anonymous said...


And they wonder why the spouse is now commenting on this blog on behalf of their significant other.

I personally believe this all came about or is now exposed because the little green upstart intern did not kiss the ring, bow to the controlling perceived powerbrokers (I am shaking in my boots) media before she announced.

Took them by surprise, exposed them for what they are. Anyone who has watched Harvard, immediately knew she wasn't your usual candidate, was quite experienced in dealing with the media at the highest level and knew how to play them. Took a bit of cat and mouse by Harvard to figure out the players at 260. Wouldn't say they were Doheny worshipers but know and understand how he operates and they could control him. What normal rational person would ever associate, befriend or admire an individual of his type. Harvard is an unknown entity, far superior in intellect and 260 can't buy or control. That's the crux of the matter.