Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NJ: City Council Upholds Dog Law Following Renewed Pushback

    The City's dog ban at certain high density public events will stand as is. City Council affirmed support for the local law passed two years ago following a tragic incident at the Farmers Market in which a child was mauled by a dog.

      Despite claims it is "discriminatory" , Council Member Roxanne Burns said the law "strikes the balance" needed to accommodate all citizens, some who may not want canines nearby.
      Hopefully this ends the debate.

City Council Upholds Dog Law Following Renewed Pushback


Anonymous said...

I like "mauled" better than "bite", as the cable idiots called it yesterday.

Phillip J. Bajjaly said...

I feel it is the owner's responsibility to provide for their own pets. I think a Dog Park would be a good private venture for someone. A property were people could bring their pets and possibly pay a membership or fee for access. Like at the Y. Golf Clubs. etc.

Anonymous said...

This is HUGE news....not