Monday, July 7, 2014

My New Friend Zephyr

    After months of hearing those fresh, new conservative ideas, now I can hear some good old fashioned socialist views from my new Facebook friend,  Zephyr Teachout.
    Zephyr accepted my request today and I think it's fair to say I am the only pol locally to be her friend.
     June has likely taken note of this and notified the Second Floor.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, there are spies everywhere.

I think Patticakes should be recording the calls going into and out of her office. You can't trust anyone these days.

Mares Doheny will get even with her till her last dying breath, mark my words, no one is safe, the list has already been drawn. They can never accept that fact that it just could have been that she and her husband are not electable.

hermit thrush said...

"those fresh, new conservative ideas"

please. of course jeff doesn't care about issues and ideas anyway, but in reality elise is a by-the-books, orthodox republican. there's nothing new here at all.