Monday, July 7, 2014

Hustle Will Be Evident By Thursday....And It Matters

       Races are won by those who work and this morning I saw some petitioning that showed real effort across several party lines. A friend who is working on the Quencer for judge campaign ask me if I would provide an extra set of eyes on their petitions and their signature counts were high and it was all done on the up and up. Don't know if she wins and everybody is out there working, but this was a real effort with a lot of candidate involvement. (By the way, I am always glad to give advise to anyone on matters related to the minor parties. Some ask, some don't.)
     I heard a story today about one candidate locally who said he doesn't do petitions because he has "minions" to do that work.   Now there's a recipe for losing a race.
     One thing I always tell judge candidates is the old "McClusky Rule."  Get all the lines and don't listen to Coon and Cole with all their "that line will hurt you" nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

Who would ever listen to County chair Don Coon about anything these days.

I was a volunteer for Elise Stefanik for the petition drive and the reason why I was out there in that snow was for the fact Elise was down in the trenches with us.

She didn't have to pay people, we thought then and still do that we will do well by the likes of Elise representing us in DC.

What a slap in the face if someone that I was acting as a volunteer ever called me minion. They don't deserve the votes.

But the all time classiest moment thus far regarding Elise was when she issued her acceptance in winning the primary and thanked a certain block of volunteers.