Thursday, July 10, 2014

Green Candidate for Family Judge

   There will be a Green Party candidate for Jefferson County Family Court Judge.  Kathy Quencer has filed to be on the F line, in addition to petitions for the GOP, Conservative and Indy lines. While petitions were done for the D line, as of late morning she had not filed for the WFP. Some Republicans had advised her not to. Of course the ones advising support her opponent.
    The WFP will go to the sole Democratic filer, Sue Sovie.  The other Republican, Eugene Langone, is expected to file this afternoon. He will likely also file for the C and E lines, as that is GOP dogma and as the establishment candidate you get the use of Senate and Assembly notaries.

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Anonymous said...

what does Ms. Quencer or Mr. Langone do as to the minor party lines if they lose the GOP primary? Would they be willing to get off the line? Are they big enough fish to get a nod to run for the supreme court in the Bronx? It will be interesting!