Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Funiciello to Come West.......No Woolfs Yet on Wealtha Avenue

   Had a nice chat today with the campaign manager for Matt Funiciello, the Green candidate in NY 21. 
Green Candidate and Bakery Owner Matt Funiciello
    The candidate is venturing out west soon and wants to hold a meet and greet at the Pearl Street Pub which is OK, but I also suggested Pete's if he wanted some place with great food.  Maybe we could order up some of those Polish eggs.
    .  Matt is more than welcome and as a supporter of positive campaigns with fresh ideas , we will welcome  Mr. Funiciello to Watertown. Hopefully he can be on the HOTLINE well and I volunteered Glenn's show too.
     Speaking of America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show, I never heard back from Aaron Woolf. He said he wanted to be on after the primary and that was two weeks ago.
      A lot of times campaigns do the matrix on benefit versus risk and frankly what you might gain on a show like that is little compared to the chance of a miscue or a gotcha question from a partisan host. If need be, I could have a substitute host like Roxanne who is a Dem and I believe supports Mr. Woolf.
      In any event, all candidates were notified by mail earlier this year they are welcome,


hermit thrush said...

"as a supporter of positive campaigns with fresh ideas"

fresh ideas? whoever are you referring to? certainly not elise.

Anonymous said...

Come on Hermie, Certainly not a Marxist and socialist Workers' rights agenda as fresh ideas is what you are seeking. Why look no further than the 30's-60's of our red commie days and the lasting affects on our children today.

A manifesto anyone, just read Mein Kemp and that great orator Adolf H.

You have read that nonfiction have you not?

raymond j lear 3rd said...

I'm all for fresh. I'm all for standing up for your beliefs. So he would be a great man to have stop in and give us a chance to talk with him. That's what it is all about. We should relocate all meets to your Pub. Make it the official town hall. I think we learn more in that kind of setting.

dajeep said...

Polish Eggs?? Make sure you put some nice hot horseradish on them. Plenty of hot air for everyone. Although probably not very pleasant.

hermit thrush said...

that's a fine little window into conservative craziness from 12:19. but just to be clear, i'm not saying that woolf's ideas are new or fresh. just that elise's aren't. it's standard-bore conservative stuff. the only thing new and fresh about her is her age.

Anonymous said...

"...that's a fine little window into conservative craziness from 12:19."

Exactly..., Stefanic’s core base no doubt.