Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finley Files in 116th....Likely Creates Three Way Battle

     Conservative Russ Finley has filed for the C line in the 116th AD, and now we will see if NYS Conservative  Mike Long coughs up a W/P for Republican John Byrne to compete for the line. My guess is no, as unlike the Independence Party, in which other races were likely lined up in February as part of the sudden endorsement of Matt Doheny for Congress, the Conservatives spurned Mr. Doheny and suffered a verbal tirade in exchange.
     Normally the Conservatives and Indy parties are "me-too" parties for Republicans upstate. I don't think Mr. Long forgets that easily and it's hard to abandon a party member to barter the line to the GOP.
      I see a three way race in the 116th.
       In the Jefferson Sheriff race though, I would be willing to bet John Bocciolatt gets the W/P as that surely was negotiated early on. Democrat Colleen O'Neill also filed.


Anonymous said...

We need Russ Finley!

Anonymous said...

Finley is THE candidate who can win this race! The GOP should have been the ones to W/P the line to him!

Anonymous said...

6:47PM Don't expect anything from Coon and committee. the laziest bunch and out of touch of the GOP in the district.

I agree Finley should be able to take this quite easily against Addie just on the gun issue. Byrne is just too limp, mumbling and viewed as too weak. Our ship continues to sink against the Dems. and no gets it.