Friday, July 11, 2014

Drones More Than a Novelty...Great News Gathering Tool

   With drone prices under $1,000, old notions of privacy are gone and in addition to cops spying on you, the news media could make great use of these gadgets.
    Celebrity news is an obvious opportunity, but how about getting around police lines at a crime scene ? In politics , we could verify candidate's residency claims or see what they do in their spare time, and who they are with.
    Drone video of a Congressman's wedding recently made news in the Hudson Valley and it would have two years ago here if the technology had been there. 
     These new drones are not that easy to spot, and a whole milieu of reality/news could be born.
And it's all affordable for any of our local news outlets.    Who will be the news leader ?

Could drones invade your privacy? - Bermuda Sun


C R said...

We are on the way to super blimps in the sky full of cameras. No going back when the government realized they work well over in the war. So why not put them into our country? Movies and TV shows have been showing it for years. Now we act like it's new? I hope for it. It's rare to have a shooting on the streets of Canada. It isn't all of the gun control there. The major cities have a camera on every block. You don't have a maniac going by at 100 miles an hour on a bike every night in Kingston. I can't say the same thing in Watertown.

Dan Francis said...

All the drone possibilities you raise and mention need another view with this simple one-word question: Why??

The provisions of the 4th Amendment in part state: “...right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause...”

That clause is often called the right to privacy or personal privacy protection clause. It is paramount to us all, or at least is used to be and still should be. Some people always think and say, “Hey, I have nothing to hide, or I have a right to know (that stuff).”

I say, no you don't have the right to know that stuff about someone who wants their privacy, and if you have nothing to hide, great, but we have a lot to protect.

1. Drones over a celebrity: Ha, like we need more shots of a Kardashian doing something. Give me a break.

2. Drones over your wedding. How about over your funeral and close ups of the family weeping like dogs. How about a peek in that hotel room on your honeymoon night?

3. For the cops, border patrol, the military, and homeland security, I have no problem with drone use. But, this fixation with “we have to snoop for the sake of snooping just because we are nosey or want to know, well, that’s a load.”

Your post speculations border on the asinine ... of course we could get a drone to track your every movement. I mean after all you are the city’s highest official – um what cat got your tongue?

And, the part about the media looking for scoops – kinda goofy. Going to site and reporting the news for public consumption is okay but just hovering and hoping for a scoop – nope, I say.

I could not disagree with your post or the views of anyone who says “so what, it doesn’t hurt and I’m not hiding anything.” Some day you may want to hide or protect something, then what, see if a Reaper is overhead? I've made my point – bye now.

Anonymous said...

Foolish,you seem to be offering up to news outlets to try to get around crime scene barriers for salacious "news" content.I would suggest that those that do will possibly face arrest for obstruction,as posting images before an arrest could very well compromise an ongoing investigation.And who said the cops are going to be spying on you?You seem to be descending into,or feeding into,a level of paranoia in the general public.

Max Volume said...

Hey Dan,
The feds simply aren't happy with trying to destroy our 2nd amendment...they're now working on our 4th amendment as well.

Pretty soon, you won't be able to post here when they come after the 1st amendment.

Enjoy your 'change' folks. You get exactly what you voted for!

robert k. kirchoff said...

Drones allow gov't to violate the 4th amend. Gov't is, and has always been, about the acquisition of power & the consequent boot-on-the-throat of regular people.

Perhaps you are one of the naïve who reflexively blurt out "I've got nothing to hide."

Wrong answer, Sluggo, because you only think you have nothing to hide.

In a nation "of law", in fact a nation of more than 3 million laws, it is estimated the average American commits 3 felonies daily.

And just why would you trust gov't functionaries to not be abusive of the knowledge collected about you? Ain't ya learned nothing the past 50 years just from FBI & IRS stories?

Dan Francis said...

Max Volume: How do you know who I voted for? Do you have access to my voting record, or have I directly told you? Both seen highly unlikely ... so stop pretending you know... just as they say: STFU....

Thanks in advance.

Max Volume said...

I think it's safe to say that Danny voted for Obama. Twice!

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that Max voted for Bush. Twice!

Dan Francis said...

Private industry use of drones is the issue at hand, not government-run programs. TV and other snooping is the subject of this post and my comments...

Read this fine article from the NY Post Private eyes using drones to nab scammers & cheating spouses"

Note: The FAA says such usage is not legal. The main point. Legal or not and by whom on whom? Some people just phoo-phoo the idea about their privacy ... okay, lay naked in your own back hard feeling safe while getting an overall tan and then see photos on TV-X after a private drone texts them shots of your bottom... then see how you feel? Not possible you say – maybe no one wants to see your bottom, but that is not the point: our privacy is the point.

Some still say “I have nothing to hide,” maybe, maybe not, but as I have said before: “We damn sure have a lot to defend and protect.”

If you hate government over reach, then what about private industry over reach? There is not a dime’s worth of diff in my mind ---

Anonymous said...

Drones pose ZERO risk to "privacy".

Nobody cares what some fat lady is doing in her house.

There are cameras in hotels, stores, red lights and everywhere else you go so why worry about a drone when nobody cares about you.

Go to to see what people are doing with drones.

These are not toys and they are not under $1000.