Monday, July 7, 2014

Report: Hochul Under Wraps As Andy Worries About Trouble on the Left | New York Post

        With the IDC broken up and Mayor deBlasio and the WFP dominant in the Democratic Party, now comes word LG candidate Kathy Hochul is being kept under wraps so her upstate views will not offend the NYC base of the party.

        Remember Kisten Gillibrand who underwent an epiphany once she went from appointed to elected Senator.  No more guns under the bed and for Ms. Hochul, only superficial contact with the media and no talk of her views on gun control or immigration.
        Of course when you take a spot on the ticket you accept the views of the top. How long did Dick Cheney speak against SSM even though he personally favored it. ?
       Ms. Hochul is on the ticket to provide gender and Buffalo balance, but she will have to be content with being a potted plant till November as her future boss tries to keep the left in line.
      Also, there is a likely primary for LG on the Dem side and the Zephyr Teachout crowd could sink Ms. Hochul and leave Andy with a running mate not of his choosing.
      Even more troubling for the Governor , a Hochul loss in a Dem primary would negate Mr. Cuomo's WFP and Indy lines as those totals could not be added because the tickets are not the same.
     Cuomo allegedly ordered Kathy Hochul to stay ‘under wraps’ | New York Post

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Anonymous said...

When you take a spot on the ticket you accept the views of the top. But you also don't thumb your nose at the views of your voters...unless you come clean from the get-go. Like Dede did about SSM {snicker}