Sunday, July 6, 2014

Conservative Nomination in AD116 of Interest to the Inside Baseball Crowd

   This week its time to submit nominating petitions for state and local offices. That includes Senate, Assembly, Sheriff, various judges and other local or party committee positions. It's all very much inside baseball for those dwindling numbers who participate in the functioning of parties and process.
   If I was a reporter, I'd be looking at the minor parties in the 116th AD.  We already know the Indy Wilson/Pakula for John Byrne was cut last winter, likely part of the Congress deal. I would be looking for evidence of that in chairman club filings due this month.
    Of more interest is the Conservative line where Conservative Party member Russ Finley of Lisbon is running and says he will file this week. Republicans want Mike Long to issue a Wilson/Pakula to Mr. Byrne so they can defeat Mr. Finley in a primary and "unite" the lines, which is a popular GOP mantra upstate. 
Conservative Russ Finley
     Will Mr. Long do that ?  With a party member in the hunt and given what went on earlier this year and the statements made, will Mr. Long want to play the usual games with local Republicans ? Also, there are conservative activists trying to make sure this doesn't happen.
      So, check first to see who submits petitions and whether Mike Long has a short memory. My guess is he does not.
       Also, there may be a GOP primary for Assembly, and one wants to watch John Humphrey of Brownville to see if he files. The GOP establishment has the lawyers on call to work him over for sure, because not everyone feels a primary is a cathartic event.


Anonymous said...

Not so fast, all bets are off.

I think Mr. Long's endorsements are going to go by the way of his endorsement of Stefanik.

I think he will again be going for the longshots or the real conservatives. Will make his party a little more to be reckoned with for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Long goes with Finley.

Anonymous said...

Great entry Mayor -it will be interesting to see if Long goes a long to get a long once again.

Anonymous said...

I will take Finely anyday over limp wristed mumbling Brynes.