Wednesday, July 9, 2014

City Native Pets Tiger !

   A 23 year old IHC grad and Watertown native is traveling the world and has been spotted petting a Bengal tiger in Thailand !
    Elizabeth Kelly is the daughter of Howard Kelly and Margot McGorman of Paddock Street.
IHC Grad Elizabeth Kelly With Tiger in Bangkok
       Ms. Kelly is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal and has been an advocate for those suffering from Crohn's disease. She hopes to pursue a career in medical social work.


Susan Bass said...

A quick Google search of Tiger Temple in Thailand will reveal the intense abuse the tigers there suffer at the hands of the monks. Please don't promote the abuse of big cats on your blog.

Anonymous said...

In our defence, we actually visited the tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai which is a much better establishment, There are numerous sites like this one comparing the two. We would never support the abuse of animals.

ray lear said...

I'd rather see someone with that creature and not a snake. How can people play with snakes? Or mice? Or any other creepy crawler? I am sure she is safe enough. She was smart enough to not crawl onto it. I am sure it has it's limits.

Susan Bass said...

ANY place that allows the public to pet/hold tiger cubs or interact with adult tigers is doing it to make money. The welfare of the cats comes last. In fact, most of these places in Thailand and China kill their cats to supply the skin and bones to the Chinese, who believe that tiger bones in soup and wine have medicinal value. If you paid to touch a big cat, you helped facilitate their abuse. Just say NO.