Sunday, July 6, 2014

City Council members may be individually liable for harm caused by fluoridated water -

        I don't think our freshman Councilman is a reader of
        So I thought I would post this for his benefit.
City Council members may be individually liable for harm caused by fluoridated water -


Anonymous said...

Who sent you that link? Or do you read that tripe on your own? Come on...fess up!

You gott figure in a country that would ban Dire Straits songs and force people to flee to the US for medical care, they would eaisly let a city elder be hung out to dry.

Better resolve to have the city indemnify the lawmakers as the first order of business at the next meeting.

I like this game. The granola lovers are going to sue the government so it only follows that the government can sue them for the damage they cause by fighting fluoride in places such as Pulaski. Lets see who has more money and better lawyers...the government or the granola lovers.

Mat D said...

While I don't agree with medicating the water with fluoride. I believe more reasonable methods exist. That in my opinion takes the tin foil crown of the month.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Butler will take this in consideration with regards to his next move.

Anonymous said...

God save Councilman Jennings

Anonymous said...

Pulaski ended their fluoridation of their city water in the End of 2012. Why not ask them about their experience.

There are other cities in the US like Portland/ Oregon, who has no fluoridation since over 40 years and I don't think the people living there have worse teeth then the people here.

Even the FDA warns not to give children under 2 years fluoride Water.
Fluoridation is medication with for everybody with out consideration what the individual person needs, which is illegal with every other medication.

Who ever wants fluoride can buy fluoride or fluoride toothpaste or ask the dentist for fluoride treatment.
Even then, the warning on the toothpaste says not to swallow the fluoride toothpaste, so how can that be right and healthy to put a industrial by product poison in our drinking water, where it is absorbed in our whole body and dangerous for our bones and the brain development of unborn and young children?

40% of older children, is estimated , have fluoridisis , an discoloring and mottling of teeth, as an overuse of fluoride in young years.

The industry tricked us in to believe fluoride is healthy, otherwise they would have to pay lots of money to get ready of fluoride as special waste..

And for the dentists the same saying as for the health industry: goes like this: " There is only money to make with people who are sick, not with healthy people."

Anonymous said...

Maybe adding birth control would help.