Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can A Non-Corporate Democrat Run for Governor...Probably Not, But We Will Find Out Soon

     Zephyr Teachout isn't even on the radar of the NNY political class or those purporting to report on politics, but the Fordham law professor is on the verge of a primary against the consummate Democratic pol, Governor Andrew Cuomo.
    If she really does submit 40,000 plus signatures Thursday and if all the Democratic election law lawyers fail to get her off the ballot, Ms. Teachout will bring her campaign against corporatism to the September primary and a showdown with the Governor.
     In politics, there is certainly a respect, awe or maybe just fear of Andrew Cuomo, who's piercing gaze and aggressive persona suggests an easy win. However, Mr. Cuomo has his detractors and Ms. Teachout's  William Jennings Bryan approach to populism may have more favor than the June O;Neill and Mike Schell Democrats figure.
     Andy has the money, the patronage , and the organization. His coterie dismisses the gentle west wind.  They are probably right., but for a few weeks, the Governor will have an annoyance he didn't expect.

Teachout's Failed Bid for the Working Families Party Nomination


Anonymous said...

That's what Hillary said about that guy who palled around with terrorists, when she thought it was her turn in '08.

You forgot the big factor of the MSN, who would surly favor a leftyer left wing governor than what they got now.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Woolf, here is another subject for your next film, Far Lefties aka Bill DeBlasio take NY.
Still can't figure out whether a Dem. is just a Dem. or a Mountain Dem. or a Far Left Dem. or a Progressive Dem.

Maybe June o'Neil could explain this to us!


Anonymous said...

I see that andy is going to apply a one time settlement with a French bank to the general fund and pay for on-going expenses. About the dumbest thing a politician can do.

Anonymous said...

Let's see now. Cuomo-----Teachout.

Kinda like choosing between Bloomberg and DeBlasio.

But then that's what the democrat party is all about these days, isn't it?

I believe Castro and Khruchef both stated that they didn't need to conquer the US militarily because communisum would eventually take us over from within. We laughed at them and didn't take them seriously at the time............................................