Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Astorino Ballot Stunt Serves No Purpose

   Here's a dumb idea. GOP Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino is wasting a lot of people's time with a petition drive later this summer to create a new ballot line based on opposition to common core standards in schools.
   Mr. Astorino hopes 50,000 New Yorkers will vote for him on this line instead of the GOP and Conservative lines. Then the Stop the Common Core Party would have ballot status for four years. A line for Republican candidates in addition to their usual "me-too" parties.
    I can hear it now.  "I'm the only candidate who can unite the four lines".
    Dumb idea and a poor use of New York's already dubious system of fusion voting.
    It really is time to repeal the Wilson/Pakula Act and/or halt fusion voting.

Astorino Launches Bid For Anti-Common Core Ballot Line


Anonymous said...

Astorino's objective is to get as many votes as possible and from that prospective his idea is brilliant. The right and left are uniting in their opposition to Common Core. Hard core democrats will be voting for Astorino on this line just as a protest vote.

This is a chance to send a message to both Albany and Washington. I will be taking advantage of it.

JTS said...

Finally-We agree! Wilson-Pakula has got to go.