Randy Credico Campaigns With Flyers in the City

Randy Credico Campaigns With Flyers in the City
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coon, Jefferson GOP Fail in Bid to Sway Whole District....Or Even Their Own County

    Elise Stefanik's sweeping win in NY21 and her apparent win in Jefferson County begs the question of how the Watertown area GOP will explain their often rude behavior in a failed bid to sink her prospects against Matt Doheny.
      First on the list of explainers will be County Chair Donald Coon who spurned the candidate from the East and even provided phone banks to Mr. Doheny on the final weekend. Mr. Coon has some 'splainin' to do.
      Meanwhile in recent days, angry Doheny supporters were overheard saying they will never support her, although it is expected Ms Stefanik will continue her gracious ways in the campaign ahead.


Danna said...

I voted for Elise. Go, girl!

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you that nice guys (or gals) don't always finish last.

On the other hand, it sure is nice to see karma catching up with people. Politicians (or their wives) can't be mean, rude, disprespectful or threatening toward people and not expect it to catch up with them eventually. The 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections have been a mirror image of Matt's life. He keeps doubling down on bad mistakes and descending deeper and deeper into a hole. These results should really show him he needs to step back and try to figure out how it came to this. From an outsider looking in it is very easy to see the root of his decline.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a sweep. I think Doheny should ask for a refund from the company that did the poll that told him he was ahead. 20 point spread. That is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Despite all the media and connections, Coon demonstrated he was just as out of touch with the County as Doheny. Fortunately, it appears that Stefanik understands the farce that compromises the almighty Jefferson County Legislature. We can be confident she will take the high road and she won't hold the western end accountable for the actions of a few. Coon went all in on the wrong horse, the voters did not.

Anonymous said...

LOL 11:01 His poll taker just forgot to tell him the 20 point lead was Elise's.

Anonymous said...

11:10- thank god the Mayor has been a supporter all along, despite the local politicos pressuring him otherwise. He welcomed her to the city time and time again and covered her campaign initiatives when the other local news sources wouldn't. It's nice to have a mayor who can think for himself instead of following the almighty dollar ir conceding to political pressure.

Kudos Mayor Graham.

Anonymous said...

11:01/11:23-- maybe a Doheny supporter told the poll taker he was "dead meat" if he didn't tell Doheny he was winning.

That still goes down as one of my favorite threats made by a Doheny supporter on this blog.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Now maybe the WDT can take an interestin seeing Jefferson County Republican Chairman Don Coon III, get replaced ASAP. Mr. Coon III needed to leave after the last Congressional Election, where they blamed President Obama for helping Owens win the 2012 Congressional race. This election it's all about Karl Rove and American Crossroads money. Mr. Coon III always have a reason why Matt Doheny loses and now we need to lose him quick!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's back to Lowes for Andy Trombley...if they will even take him back.

Anonymous said...

Other than you Mayor who called the victory often and early it sure looks like our pandering. Regional politicians ,GOT it WRONG . They are once again on the wrong side of history and now will have to eat humble pie and seek forgiveness for their errant ways

Sure hope Blankenbush , Ritchie , Griffo and Nelson Have knee guards on when they are called to genuflect and utter their respective. " mea culpas". :)

Hopefully Ms Stefanik continues to be gracious and perhaps some of that Harvard intelligence might rub off on these wayward Mini elephants ;) They could ALL take a lesson from this and grow some courage