Saturday, February 9, 2013

YNN legal expert questions Watertown roommate law - YNN, Your News Now

   The YNN "legal eagle" has weighed in on Watertown's amended zoning code that attempts to limit who can live in residential A neighborhoods in a bid to prevent defacto boarding houses.
    The amended law passed three to two last Monday and the belief was it placated an activist while doing nothing bad because it's unenforceable. However, public reaction on both sides has been brisk and what seemed a minor revision in response to a complaint has grown.
    YNN legal expert questions Watertown roommate law - YNN, Your News Now

Big Hunka Love Bear...Does Your Sweetie Want a $200 Bear ?

      Do women feel really special when they get a six foot, giant, "Big Hunka Love" teddy bear from the ubiquitous (this time of year) Vermont Teddy Bear Company ?
       In their ads, they even take a swipe at one of our county legislators who sells "flowers that die in a few days" (ouch)
        These ads strongly suggest an amorous quid pro quo from guys who "go large" and buy this oversized stuffed animal.
         Teddy bears are forever tainted in my mind by last year's hilarious movie, "Ted", about a salacious and foul mouthed talking bear.
          I just keep thinking the Hunka Love bear might say something off color, so be careful who you buy one for.
Big Hunka Love Bear | Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Her

WDT: County Approves Loan to New Microbrewer in Mall

       I skipped past the lead and noted beer will be returning to the Salmon Run Mall due in part to a $50,000 loan from the IDA to the owners of the Hop Spot in Sackets Harbor, who plan to open a microbrewery in the Mall named Skewed Brewing Company.
Trendy Sackets Gin Mill to Expand to Mall

        In a town where 16oz cans of "The Beast" (Milwaukee's Best) and $2 cans of Busch are king, fancy beer stores have struggled. Nonetheless, hope springs eternal and this new venture will be another in a series of new bars in the expanding on-premise beer and booze market locally.
       Three new gin mills have opened in as many months on my side of town. Hope there's enough drinkers out there.
        Those interested in different beers should mark February 28th on their calendar as Saranac Beer marketing director Meghan Fraser comes to the Pearl Street Pub to christen our new name and offer up samples of her firm's fine products brewed in nearby Utica.
Watertown Daily Times | After bailing out Benchmark with loans, day care center makes comeback by posting profits

Parents of 'well-behaved kids' get discount at Seattle Eaterie

   Someone will probably sue or the state will come down on him, but a Seattle restaurant owner is offering diners a discount if their kids are well behaved.
Parents of 'well-behaved kids' get discount at local restaurant | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

Patty Hearts Donors

    Winter weather and the apparent lack of an opponent doesn't stop Albany pols from their appointed rounds....raising cash that is.
Senator With Supporter at BRVC
     Senator Patty Ritchie hosted a couple dozen of the faithful at the Black River Valley Club for a Friday night pre-Valentine's fundraiser.
     The popular Senator from Heuvelton also has a snowmobile fundraiser coming up in Oswego County.

Blizzard hits Boston area -

   It wasn't much of a storm here, but in New England, it's a harrowing start to the weekend with lost of snow in Boston.

   Roads are closed in the Bay State, and the locals are advised to amuse themselves at home while the clean up gets started. Temperatures will warm by Monday, making for a slushy week in Beantown.
Blizzard hits Boston area -

Kate Upton poses for her SECOND Sports Illustrated cover in just a white bikini and a fur-lined jacket | Mail Online

     With nudity and sex all over the Internet and the media, is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition even relevant with underage model Kate Upton on the cover for a second straight year with her busty and borderline chubby figure crammed into a skimpy white bikini ?
       The old notion of a mid winter look at the pulchritude of summer beach beauties seems about as quaint as a finely turned ankle in today's sex-charged world.
        Does anyone buy SI anymore ?
Kate Upton poses for her SECOND Sports Illustrated cover in just a white bikini and a fur-lined jacket | Mail Online

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sheriff Says Lawmakers Have Agenda Against Him | WWNY TV 7

     I think the Sheriff is right. The County Leg is out to get him and because of GOP hubris won't expand the jail...
     Now that's not to say my good friend Sheriff Burns doesn't have some issues in the way things are done down there at the PSB.  
     That aside,  Sheriff Burns is right...If we want to lock lots of people up, we should pony up the cash to build a crib for them.
Sheriff Says Lawmakers Have Agenda Against Him | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Musing About Beer on a Snowy Night

     So, some of us were sitting around Pete's on this snowy night and someone told me there was no  non-necessary travel tonight....Well, I happened to consider coming over here to be necessary to my well-being, so here I am.
     We got to talking about beer and the upcoming visit by Meghan from Utica Club....The other beer from Utica came up.
     Do you remember drinking Fort Schuyler ?   It was inexpensive, but like so many brews of our youth succumbed to the market in 1992.

State aid 'a factor' in schools' snow day decisions |

   It's true....State aid is the reason for bringing kids to school for a partial day and then sending them home for weather reasons. Of course, the superintendents say its all about getting an education, but its also about making sure they make the 180 days required to get their full dose of largesse from Albany.
    You gotta do what you gotts do
State aid 'a factor' in schools' snow day decisions |

Council To Hold Special Meeting in Advance of Work Session

    Monday's City Council work session will include a couple resolutions affirming the completion of the Charter-mandated review of the Manager and Clerk. Because the resolutions are being voted on, I called for a special meeting as resolutions cannot be voted on unless in session.  I wanted all five members to vote on this , as two will be absent at the February 19 regular session.
   Council also will discuss the latest missive from the NYS Liquor Authority on how they want to handle the Devil's Brew at hockey games.
    In the work session, Council will hear from the latest proposed developer to take over Maple Courts Apartments and lawmakers will be briefed on this new Census designation about being an urbanized area.
   Finally, Council is getting a mid year read on city finances and there is a slight shortfall in sales tax and a pretty good shortfall in hydro revenue. There is also a positive bulge in revenue from the sale of property and mortgage tax.
    Monday's special meeting and work session gets underway at 7PM.

Seattle mayor scuttles police plans to use drones - CBS News

      But it was bought with a federal grant....Seattle authorities have abandoned (for now) use of two surveillance drones after privacy advocates howled.
      You know the rationale...if you have nothing to hide, what's the objection ? Besides they are wicked neat to play with.
       Seattle mayor scuttles police plans to use drones - CBS News

Cuomo: My Cronies, Not the Electeds Should Pick Casino Sites

   Governor Cuomo is wrong on the casino siting issue. If the government is going to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the economy, then the Legislature certainly should have to help determine and approve the sites for gambling halls.
    Governor Cuomo is playing the old 'disdain for politics' card in arguing that his hand picked commission should site the casinos.
     That's a lot of money and power in the hands of the unelected.
      Whatever you think of politicians, they at least won an election.
       To allow non-Indian casinos, there must be a referendum to amend the State Constitution which could be on the ballot as early as this fall.
        Voters may want to consider opposing the measure, as its only an opportunity for a few chosen folks to make a lot of money.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: No room for politics in picking casino sites in New York |

Brown Gets Award, But It's Green that Catches My Eye

Crowd at Chamber Dinner
   A big crowd was at the Hilton tonight for the presentation of the Israel Shapiro Citizenship Award given to Bernie Brown, Jr., the boss at Bernier Carr.
   Mr. Brown was warmly received and in his remarks stressed the need for character and manners in dealing with others. He was lauded for a variety of community activities.
   Also on Thursday, I saw a great chair at Massey's Furniture Barn...If only I had a place to put it.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Senecas push state for Rochester casino at revenue-sharing talks - City & Region - The Buffalo News

   Everybody is angling for a casino...Niagara Falls, Rockester, you name it..Even Ogdensburg.
   With only three plums to award, plus more Indian casinos, it's hard to see how everyone can be made happy.
Senecas push state for Rochester casino at revenue-sharing talks - City & Region - The Buffalo News

Odds Grow for New N.Y. Wage and Illegal Immigrant College Fund -

   State Senate Republicans are increasingly willing to compromise on key issues in their continuing bid to stay relevant as members of the ruling coaltion in the upper house.
   Higher minimum wage, college tuition for immigrants and other issues join gun control as co-lead Senator Dean Skelos knows for his members to keep majority perks and status, he has to yield to his partner, Sen. Jeff Klein of the Bronx.
Odds Grow for New N.Y. Wage and Illegal Immigrant College Fund -

Baer v. Town of Brookhaven, 73 NY 2d 942 - NY: Court of Appeals 1989 - Google Scholar

    A reader wrote in to tell us about a 1989 Court of Appeals ruling on the issue of regulating the composition of people living in a single family home in zoning specified for such homes.
    The state's high court affirmed a previous ruling that such attempts do not pass muster as trying to limit residency to certain groupings (such as no more than two unrelated people over age 62) is unfair as it does not attempt to regulate the composition of so-called blood relatives.
    Bottom line is the zoning flap at Monday's City Council meeting, while symbolic, will have no real effect on anything,  which is what the city planner told me when I researched the proposal as it came before Council.
    Baer v. Town of Brookhaven, 73 NY 2d 942 - NY: Court of Appeals 1989 - Google Scholar

Winter Storm Nemo: Historic Storm Ahead -

    Now that they have started naming winter storms, we have Nemo barreling up the east coast in what is the latest scary weekend predicted for New England.
     Yesterday I checked with the forecast our Public Works Department gets from Wayne Mahar. The outlook for us is not as dire with about 8 inches or so on Friday and the storm moving quickly along.
      Make some plans to spend a little more time going from here to there on Friday, but the whole affair shouldn't rise to the level of a "storm of the century."
Winter Storm Nemo: Historic Storm Ahead -

Report: Owens 'Knew Or Should Have Known' Source Of Taiwan Trip | WWNY TV 7

     What did he know and when did he know it ? A report on the two year old Taiwan trip by our Member of Congress suggests Rep. Bill Owen's staff new the trip was on shaky ethical and legal grounds.
Rep. Owens and Fellow Democrat Addie Russell
      While the Congressman has insisted he felt the trip by he and his wife was to bring jobs to NNY, others felt it was an improper junket.
       Continued probes may be interesting to political insiders, but what does it matter.
In 2012 a well-funded GOP challenger was not able to impress voters that the trip mattered, and that ultimately is the judgment that matters.
        Mr. Owens said he had since reimbursed the $22,000 for the trip.
Report: Owens 'Knew Or Should Have Known' Source Of Taiwan Trip | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Quadruplets Come Home In Style | WWNY TV 7

   Congratulations to the Lucero family of Watertown on coming home from an Arizona hospital with their four-pack of kids born recently and now being treated locally at Samaritan Medical Center's neo-natal ward.
     The quadruplets came by private medical jet, from the western hospital which specializes in multiple births. The Lucero's originally welcomed fifth newborns but sadly one died shortly after birth.
Quadruplets Come Home In Style | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Fire Flap

       As can be seen in this article, there has been a concerted effort behind the scenes to work out a resolution to the issue of code inspections and pre-incident planning for fires and other emergencies.
        It's been clear to me the new city manager has gone the extra mile in this arena after an April 17 letter from then CM Corriveau ordering a halt to years of semi-annual fire courtesy inspections that conflicted with the role of code enforcement inspectors.
       That doesn't mean there are not varying views on the future sizing and composition of the City's $9M Fire Department. There are, and as I said Monday, I hope the debate printed in the national publication, Firehouse, will prompt more discussion publicly among those advocating changes.
        Watertown Daily Times | Mayor objects to blog about city fire decision

Channel 7 Viewers To Be Spared Nudity on Sunday Night

    The network that brings you Victoria's Secret lingerie shows and some very sexy Super Bowl commercials is now cracking down on female anatomy.
    CBS is warning participates in Sunday's Grammy Awards to tone it down.
Lady Gaga would never pass! Breasts, buttocks, and 'puffy' area of genitals banned at Grammy Awards in new wardrobe policy | Mail Online

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Audit Criticizes Housing Authority For Giving Retirees Trips WWNY TV 7

       I agree they shouldn't have done this. It was an easy thing to check on and the State's constitutional ban on gifts is not hard to understand (although municipal lawyers are often tasked to find ways around it).
       In all fairness, there are a lot more egregious things out there, but in this case the Comptroller caught it.
Audit Criticizes Housing Authority For Giving Retirees Trips | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Owens: USPS Saturday Delivery Decision “Outrageous

        The decision to cut out Saturday mail delivery is not "outrageous", nor is it an affront to rural America.
        Much as we all hate change, something had to give. I don't think this makes the USPS solvent, but its a start.
        Members of Congress expressing outrage need to start outlining how they would cut expenses.
Owens: USPS Saturday Delivery Decision “Outrageous” | U.S. Congressman Bill Owens : Car Numbers Have New Generation at FX Smiling

    At breakfast this morning at the Hilton, my old friend Jess Caprara was at my table and seemed especially ebullient....Then I looked at the January car sale numbers on Newzjunky.
    The car biz is booming locally with new registrations running ahead of pre-recession numbers.
      Of course, I am so pleased with my 2010 Jeep from FX, I don't feel the need to participate in the stampede to the dealerships.
       If you are so inclined, stop and see Jessica at the Dodge store and she will make sure you get the Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Kia, VW or Fiat you want and so richly deserve.
       Jess, who is a city resident, said she was thinking of running for mayor one of these day. She could bump your taxes and you'd walk away feeling good about it... :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

News and Analysis from the Capital is Slow in Coming These Days

     This is not really new news....When the SAFENY gun law passed we all knew it contained the enhanced penalties for first responders murdered in the line of duty...What was called Mark's Law in NNY media, named after a Cape Vincent EMT slain responding to a medical call.
     Senator Ritchie, who had advocated Mark's Law ended up voting against the concept as it was included in the gun control law she opposed. Actually by the time it was all said and done, it was not Mark's Law any longer as the Governor was touting the Webster firemen killed in December as the reason for the law.
      It's too bad there is no more day to day coverage of Albany politics as it relates to NNY. That ended witht he departure of the Times Albany Bureau and more recently with the departure of their lone political reporter, Brian Amaral.
      There was a good story I heard this week about our Albany delegation but with no one to report on it , it will go untold, and I have no one to tip off.
Sen. Patty Ritchie sponsors resolution supporting legislation she voted against |

Postal Service to stop delivering mail on Saturdays

   I am going to miss seeing my mail man on Saturdays as  reports say weekend delivery will end in August as the Postal Service seeks to cut costs.
   I grew up always getting six day a week delivery, but candidly I could get by on a couple days a week as there is nothing I get today that I had to have today.
   If I seriously started to pay things on line I could eliminate the need for mail almost entirely. 
   I like getting mail, even if its not of any consequence. It's always a mystery to see what's coming today.
   The Post Office is dependable and you always feel your stuff will get where its going. The neighborhood letter carrier is a reassuring sign of humanity in a world where everything in a keystroke or a mouse click.
    It's personal, but that's too expensive to provide every  day.  That's too bad.

Postal Service to stop delivering mail on Saturdays

Red Cross Heroes Honored at Breakfast

   I had the pleasure of attending a very nice recognition breakfast today as the Red Cross honored lots of people for quick thinking and random acts of kindness that saved lives.
   From soldiers who came across a burning building and evacuated residents, to police and firemen doing their best to protect and serve, to people who gave a kidney and in the process gave life, to a man who has donated eleven gallons of blood in his life.
    All were honored at the event at the Hilton Garden Inn..
     The Red Cross certainly does a lot of good things and blood donor award recipient Bob Gorman  gave a witty and effective speech explaining why support for the Red Cross is a good thing even in times when nothing bad is happening.
      I heard from a Times insider that Bob has mellowed of late and may I say in his public speaking that suits him well.

Christine Quinn says she would have “kicked Rudy Giuliani’s ass” in an election -

    Sounds like New York City's likely next mayor is trying to show a little Koch-like attitude in her public speaking. Christine Quinn was a little flippant when asked whether she could have even run for mayor back in the 1990s due to her sexual orientation.
   The fiery red head got her Irish up and declared she would have "kicked Rudy's ass."
Christine Quinn says she would have “kicked Rudy Giuliani’s ass” in an election -

WDT: Feel Good Resolution May Feel Good But Will Change Nothing

     The Jefferson County Legislature will soon be passing a resolution opposing the state's new gun law.  Other counties are doing the same, but these sense of the body resolutions mean nothing and will change nothing.
      The Governor rammed the law through because he could, but if the County Legislature is going to pass resolutions protesting every travesty in Albany, there will be little time left for running the county.
       Besides, I am not sure the public feeling on the law is all that monolithic, even up here in gun country.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County legislators consider resolution opposing state gun law

WDT: JCJDC to Dissolve Today

       Even though my county taxes went up this year, I will be saving $50 a year as a result of the dissolution of the JCJDC. I always had kept a membership active for my business because I...I...don't know why..Guess it was one of those PR things like keeping a membership in a fraternal club or a veterans organization.
        Years ago the mayor served on its board by title but that was changed in 2004 when I was elected to succeed Mayor Butler, so I hadn't been to a meeting of the group in years.
         If I were writing this story, I might have led with the pot of money spent on lawyers from Harris Beach and other law firms this past year on pension issues still not resolved.
         In fact, much of the past two years in the economic development agencies has been spent on this matter.
Watertown Daily Times | JCJDC board to vote on dissolution today

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

City in Virginia Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation - US News and World Report

         Banning drones might seem a blow for civil liberties, but really, wouldn't the airborne snoops be handy in finding out who is living where...fenced in back yards would be seen and we could see what kind of "family" is living there....
        City in Virginia Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation - US News and World Report

WDT: Cuomo Telegraphs Support for Higher Sales Tax in the Big County

   Higher sales tax in St. Lawrence County is nearing as Governor Cuomo hinted at support for the biggest tax hike in county history....if the locals beg for it. The County Legislature already is, but for maximum political cover, the state legislators from the county must as well.
     To do that, the three Senators will have to hear a chorus of "we want higher taxes" from all the electeds. They will do that if their municipality is getting a little piece of the larger pie.
      That's why some of the increase is being spread around to the towns, villages and the City of Ogdensburg, which as signatory to the distribution deal would gain about 33% in its revenue from sales tax.

Watertown Daily Times | Cuomo signals support for home rule legislation

Saranac Spokesperson to Visit Pearl Street

      Eagle Beverage has lined up Utica Club/Saranac marketing director Meghan Fraser to appear at the Pearl Street Pub on February 28th from 5pm to 7pm for a taste testing of various products brewed upstate.
       The public is invited to sample the many fine Saranac products and meet Meghan.

On Line Payments Available in City

    On line payments have come to City Hall, with introduction of a long sought service to City residents.
     Now if we can just get those Council meeting videos linked to major local news sites, so it will be easier for the public to follow Watertown's Greatest Deliberative Body.
    City of Watertown

Kate Upton is the new Marilyn ? -

       Is she really the new Marilyn ? This 20 year old model who has dated a couple of athletes (one of them is Mark Sanchez).
        Kate Upton has a long way to go to be the next Marilyn Monroe. I am not sure in today's flavor-of-the-day culture anyone can sustain themselves as an icon.
        Ms. Upton's Superbowl commercial for Mercedes Benz was kind of dumb and not very original.  The one a couple years back with Paris Hilton eating a hamburger while washing a car was more sensual.
          Ms. Upton, you're no Marilyn Monroe. But we hope you live longer.
Kate Upton is the new Marilyn -

Home Prices Still Right Up There

              Despite reports of a softer market, asking prices for houses continues to amaze. A 3600 sq foot home, five bedroom home on Mullin Street is listed for $479,000.

NBC: Obama Drones Can Kill You With Impunity

   Wow, remember when the left was outraged over Bush Administration policy on interrogation ?
   Now an Obama Administration policy has surfaced on drone strikes, suggesting Americans can be summarily killed without crimes charged, without judicial review and without actionable intelligence.
     Obama friendly media outlet NBC News has released the white paper outlining criteria for killings of Americans suspected of some involvement with terrorist elements.
      Can one of those drones over NNY take any of us out on these thin criteria ?
EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans - Open Channel

Neighbor Vs. Neighbor: What's A Family? | WWNY TV 7

       The change in the zoning code passed last night really is unenforceable and the three Council members voting for it knew that. The passage of the zoning code change seeks to limit what living arrangements can occur in a neighborhood zoned "residential A".
     The measure was pushed by former school board member and neighborhood activist Debbie Cavallario who worked everyone on the Council very hard (except for me, since it was known I wasn't voting for it). Rather than incur the wrath of Mrs Cavallario in future elections, the majority voted for a measure that while offensive to some, really won't change anything.
     I felt bad for the nice young man who is the neighbor and a city employee. He was caught in the media coverage of his neighbor's crusade, even though Mrs. Cavallario said she didn't want Mr. Hartman prosecuted and that he is not a troublesome neighbor.
     So just what was this matter all about ?
Neighbor Vs. Neighbor: What's A Family? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

The Journal | St. Lawrence County officials favor Ogdensburg site for casino

     Ogdensburg may get to keep its prison, but there is no way on God's green Earth that the Cuomo Administration is going to designate the Maple City as the location for one of three non-Indian casinos the Governor wants to locate upstate.
      The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority reportedly is seeking the designation, but there is no way this city of 12,000 is going to compete with Niagara Falls, the Catskills, the Capital District or any number of other more populous and politically juiced regions.
    Besides, I am not sure the local legislative delegation would buck the certain editorial board opposition to such perdition on the shores of the St. Lawrence.
     Journal | St. Lawrence County officials favor Ogdensburg site for casino

Monday, February 4, 2013

Deputies: Nice N Easy Employee Accused of Undercharging Customers

   I am of the opinion that not every personal or business problem is society's problem.
Here's a sub shop worker who was giving away product so he gets arrested for the $83 shortfall. Sure, he likely did more till caught...but how much police and court time is spent documenting it ?
    If you steal from me in this way, I'll fire you and you'll never get a reference. In fact, I know "employer speak"....That's how you tell someone not to hire someone without saying it.
    Employers can impose greater sanctions than the criminal justice system that will just plea this one down to a bald tire.
Deputies: Nice N Easy Employee Accused of Undercharging Customers

Council Hearts Hockey

    City Council inked an agreement to play hockey next season with the Privateers after what the team owner described as a very successful 2013 season. The vote was four to one.
    Lawmakers also passed 3-2 (Macaluso and I were the NO's) a measure that purports to make sure only traditional families occupy homes in residential A zoned neighborhoods.
    Even though staff said the law was not enforceable and others complained it attempted to discriminate against people with non Ozzie and Harriet lives, three Council members bent to the will of Thompson Boulevard Debbie Cavalario who lobbied for the ordinance.
     Council also completed annual appraisals of its two direct hires, the Clerk and the City Manager. Findings will be adopted at the next regular meeting.
      I gave a little speech on the topic of fire inspections and my support of the Managers efforts to work on the matter. A recent op/ed in a national firefighting magazine had labled the City's current policy "insanity."

Lynsi Torres: Meet America's youngest female billionaire | Mail Online

   A 30 year old California woman has endured three divorces and still kept her shoulder to the wheel enough to build a billion dollar fortune.
   Betcha she thinks longer before a fourth marriage.
Torres: Meet America's youngest female billionaire | Mail Online

Ed Koch funeral: New York, New York

    Too bad the former mayor wasn't there to see the tribute to him. President Clinton led the mourners in a tribute to Mayor Edward I. Koch that ended with a standing ovation as the casket was carried from the Synagogue to the sounds of "New York, New York."
    Ed Koch funeral: Bill Clinton leads tributes to New York mayor at service | Mail Online

Cuomo Pay Limits Hosed Down Quickly

      Even a Democratic discovers how quickly they can be reminded of what their place in life is, if they choose to cross the public employee unions.
      Governor Cuomo was blasted today in full page ads in the Times Union, courtesy of smokeeaters opposing Cuomo's plan to limit pay awards in certain instances of binding arbitration.
      The Governor's plan applies to distressed cities and limits raises to 2%.  Fire unions call that a "radical" plan and have put the Democratic governor on notice, he has crossed the line.
       Any changes to New York's pro-union labor laws meets with a quick rebuke that usually puts the pols back in line.
      Firefighters Hose Cuomo’s Binding Arbitration Proposal

WDT: For the Love of God, I Gotta Get to Church on Time

    On Sunday a Watertown man was charged with driving at speeds up to 109mph as he was late for church in Chaumont.
   Shouldn't trips to and from church be excluded from enforcement of the vehicle and traffic laws ?
Watertown Daily Times | Police: Watertown man speeds to church, jailed

Unctuous Lawmakers Seek 21 Year Old Gambling Age -

     In a feel=good move to absolve themselves of the moral qualms of voting for casino gambling expansion, some legislators are pushing the idea of a 21 year old gambling age, but apparently only for casinos. Democrats, led by the Governor , are seeking to authorize several non-Indian casinos upstate.
   The 18, 19 and 20 year olds would apparently still be able to buy Lottery tickets or help clean out the pull tabs at the local Legion. So the sanctimony is by no means absolute.
    When the Judgement Day comes, if you feel promoting casinos is a mortal sin, then attempting to limit the age of gambling will not save you from eternal damnation, but for legislators anxious to appear virtuous, it's an out.
    My view on all this is we need a universal age of majority. If its 21, fine...For booze, pot (when it becomes legal), gambling (all types), marriage (you can wed at 14 in NY now), driving and anything else deemed too much fun.

lawmakers want to raise the gambling age in NY casino parlors from 18 to 21. -

Beyoncé Sizzles'....Heat May Be Needed Next Year

     The halftime performance of Beyonce and her reuniting with Destiny's Child seemed to please critics, but you have to wonder what kind of act we will get next year, when the Super Bowl is held outdoors in a likely chilly Giants Stadium in New Jersey.
     The more unpredictable venue will make for an interesting game as well.
Beyoncé sizzles in Super Bowl halftime performance with Destiny’s Child -

WDT: Town of Watertown Planning Board will review Nice N Easy store plans

    The world may or may not need another convenience store, but anything to get rid of the decaying and blighted Bomax building on outer Coffeen Street will be a relief. The structure has been a mess for years and stands at a key intersection along I-81.
     The Town of Watertown Planning Board is considering plans to build a Nice 'n Easy store there.
Watertown Daily Times | Town of Watertown Planning Board will review Nice N Easy store plans

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ravens Hang on for 34-31 Super Bowl Win over 49ers.

     The Baltimore Ravens hung on for a thrilling 34-31 victory using a strategic safety to run out the few seconds the San Francisco 49ers had to try and win after failing to score on four downs deep in Raven territory.
      Baltimore led 28-6 in the third quarter when a power outage forced a delay that seemed to shift the momentum.
      In the end, Balitimore hung on.
Super Bowl XLVII loses power for 34 minutes as Baltimore Ravens led San Francisco 49ers in 3rd quarter at Superdome - NY Daily News

Halftime Report

    Halftime and I am watching Beyonce. It was a first half that didn't surprise as Joe Flacco continued his perfect post season and Tattoo Man looked a little nervous. Still lots of time left.
      Beyonce on stage for an elaborate, high energy performance.
     If Romney had won, would we have a barely dressed in leather lingerie with fishnet stockings woman gyrating in front of us ?  It was an OK halftime show but too much gimmickry in the staging......
     FLASH-Power outage in third quarter halts play.

White House Warns: Don't Photoshop Obama Gun Pic

 The White House has put out a photo of President Obama shooting a gun, but is warning the Internet world not to do nasty things with it, like photo shop it.
They Did It Anyway

   Like, how do you stop that ? Of course the image will be used in a variety of ways. That's why I never participate in things like dunking booths or those "arrest" fundraisers, where a photo could be used to ridicule or defame.
    The photo is a silly attempt to pander and whether the President occasionally shoots skeet has no bearing on the merits of his gun control proposals.
White House Warns: Don't Photoshop Obama Gun Pic

Mercy, Mercy, That's Some Paycheck !

      This year's overtime award goes to Mercy Mathew, a nurse at Bedford Hills Prison.
$150,600 in OT on a base pay of $58,000.
       In all, five state workers earned over $100K in OT.
Politics on the Hudson

White House Photo Shows Obama Skeet Shooting - ABC News

    Suddenly a photo appears. President Obama firing away during a little skeet shooting at Camp David.
     The White House had downplayed the Presidents own comments about being a frequent skeet shooter and finally produced a photo.
     All of this is supposed to show he is one of the guys, and not just a liberal, urban, gun-banning kind of guy.
      Shooting skeet at a private, government range has nothing to do with a fundamental, Constitutional right. Assuming the photo is real, it has nothing to do with the national debate on gun control. It reminds me of John Kerry dragging a goose out of the woods.
White House Photo Shows Obama Skeet Shooting - ABC News