Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lady Gaga to perform at inaugural ball -

    President Obama can certainly turn out the divas for his inaugural festivities. Add Lady Gaga to the mix.

    Will she wear the meat dress ?
Lady Gaga to perform at inaugural ball -

B-Bush: The Honeymoon is Over

   Local GOP Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush has issued a statement in essence declaring the era of good feeling is over with Governor Cuomo.
   Mr. Blankenbush says the gun bill was but one example of a Governor now bowing to downstate interests and not interested in cooperating on upstate issues.
   Certainly Mr. Cuomo's left of center State of the State Address left some wondering if the Governor had lurched left.
   Unfortunately for the GOP, they haven't the votes anymore to do anything more than put out a press release.

WDT: Public Record Becoming Less So for Some

    Limiting of gun permit information to protect cops apparently also is extending to other types of public records. In Syracuse, the Onondaga County Executive tried to prevent on-line property searches of cops to protect their privacy. She dropped the plan, but it's an interesting notion and the beginnings of a new way to limit access to public documents.
     Maybe it is time we clip the wings of the snoopy main stream media with all their award winning exposes and sanctimonious piety about the people's "right to know"?
     Besides, even open governments routinely hide things by a variety of means.
      If I am behind on my taxes, or am granted a divorce, does a list need to be in the Times or on Newzjunky other than to satisfy the insatiable need for "dirty laundry".
      I remember getting my first traffic ticket and the angst of knowing my parents would see the article. Of course the paper only does DWI's now and some of those get only scant reference, so the public's right to know has been slipping for some time.
     At the very least there should be a shield on information about mayors.    
Watertown Daily Times | Gun permits

Notre Dame star Manti Te’o’s “real” girlfriend -

     The more you try to explain, the more coverage you get and the more questions are asked. At some point Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o had to have been lying to someone about his phantom girlfriend, as now he apparently has the real thing...a stunning coed from nearby St. Mary's College named Alexandra Del Pilar, the daughter of a doctor.
        Meanwhile Te'o went on ESPN last night to yak about it all, denying he was part of the three year hoax or the story about the "girlfriend" who died of leukemia, all of which made him a more sympathetic seeker of the the Heisman Trophy last year.
       It is hard-to-figure-out, 'who care's' type of story, but everyone seems to be talking about it.
Notre Dame star Manti Te’o’s “real” girlfriend -

WDT: Jefferson Board Schedules Meeting to Discuss Sheriff’s Department

       The plot thickens. County lawmakers are holding a special meeting Tuesday to talk about the Sheriff's Department.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson board schedules meeting to discuss Sheriff’s department

Journal News Takes Down Gun Maps

   The newspaper that published the names and addresses of gun permit owners in the lower Hudson Valley has beat a hasty retreat and removed the interactive map from its website.
    The Journal News says it did so to reflect the spirit of a newly passed gun law that grants privacy rights to permit holders. In fact the language on privacy was included because of the flap in Westchester.

     Ironically the paper hired armed guards due to the furor over the publication which publishers said was in the public interest...but is no longer in the public interest.
      Ironically, no other papers have sought to publicize such things. While I don't think individual addresses serves any purpose, it would be interesting to know how many permits there are by community.

Journal News takes down gun maps

Friday, January 18, 2013

County Legislator Has His Clothes Stolen at Gym....Call the Sheriff ?

  A key GOP member of the Jefferson County Legislature reports his clothes were stolen this evening at a Watertown gym...Scott Gray says the clothing had been Christmas gifts.
Legislator Scott Gray Had His Clothes Stolen
Seen Here on Lake Bonaparte Last Summer

  Hopefully his close relationship to the Sheriff will lead to a quick solving of this crime.
(2) S Andrew Gray

Dems Win the 63rd Seat.....GOP Withers

   For Republicans, it was a scheme that failed...Creating a 63rd Senate District in hopes of winning it and holding control of the Upper House.
   Today, Democrat Cecilia Tkacyzk used the last votes to be counted to win the 46th SD race over Republican George Amedore by 19 votes.
    That leaves the GOP with just 30 of 63 seats and the balance of power in the Democratic leaning (on the issues) IDC.
    Republicans in the Empire State are no longer able to do much of anything. The Governor is in pretty much complete control, with only the IDC providing a little bit of moderation around the edges.
Capital Tonight « NY's only statewide political program « Page 2

Feedback: Stream To Hire 300 New Workers | WWNY TV 7

    One of the real success stories in Watertown is Stream International in downtown.
    The call center firm is planning a $4M enhancement to its location in the former City Center Mall. That will mean continued employement there.
    This has been a job opportunity for many and for those who stick with it, a good opportunity.
Feedback: Stream To Hire 300 New Workers | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

The Antidote for Bad Decisions Comes to State Street

     It's about time...a new cosmetic and laser spa is opening for  all sorts of cosmetic stuff from skin tightening to tattoo removal.
     Their website is on Newzjunky and its supposed to be opening soon at the Sight Center on State Street.
     It's about time...There's got to be a lot of people regretting their butt caps and various quotes meandering across their thighs.
Tattoo Removal Coming to Watertown

     The skin tightening is always welcome as well.  They also promise something called "body sculpting."   I just think I'm beyond that.

Two North Country defendants admit making cigarettes illegally, must pay $5 million |

   Entrepreneurs who pass the savings on to you !
    Up at the res a couple with the hard to make up name of Jody Swamp, were in federal court in Utica for making their own cigarettes...They are said to owe $5M  in federal taxes.
     Does the consuming public think anything is done wrong avoiding sin taxes.....I suspect not.
Two North Country defendants admit making cigarettes illegally, must pay $5 million |

Owens revives Common Sense Act

   Congressman Owens has a good idea in trying to relieve local government of crazy EPA rules on demolition of blighted buildings.
   However, Mr. Owens must surely know that anything named the "Common Sense Act" stands no chance of passage in Washington.
    We commend your raising the issue however.
Owens revives Common Sense Act - Local News

"Catfishing" Can Happen To Anyone, Says Trina "The Natural," The Silver Spring Model/Exotic Dancer Who Told Her Online Dating Hoax Story on MTV |

Now that we have the Te'o on-line dating "hoax" to digest, we have to learn about a new thing call "catfishing". It's not all that new. People have been misrepresenting themselves for some time now....It's pretty easy to do on the Internet where an identity can be created from the ether.
    They are explaining all this on MTV, so the younger generation will learn.  For the rest of us it doesn't matter.....Our catfishing days are over.
"Catfishing" Can Happen To Anyone, Says Trina "The Natural," The Silver Spring Model/Exotic Dancer Who Told Her Online Dating Hoax Story on MTV |

Sheriff Nixes HOTLINE Chat

   Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns cancelled a scheduled appearance today on the popular HOTLINE talk show hosted by yours truly.
  Sheriff Burns agreed to the interview yesterday following a questioning on channel seven and an interview with the Times.
  Mr. Burns secretary gave no reason for the cancellation.
   I suspect my irreverant, mercurial, insightful and brilliant demeanor made somebody nervous.
   It's too bad. I was looking forward to just asking the questions I hear on the street. Sheriff Burns is a friend of mine and I have always worked for his election.
   However, there are serious questions and I was going to ask them in my usual affable and respectful manner.

Notre Dame star’s fake girlfriend is LA cutie Diane O’Meara -

      Makes you wonder about just about every sob story about plucky people as the case of the faux girlfriend of a college football star unfolds.
      Notre Dame's Manti Te'o was a media darling competing not just for his team but to become a top NFL draft pick and make a lot of money. The story about the girlfriend who died was a great narrative.
       An LA woman has found her FACEBOOK photo was lifted and used to depict the girlfriend on social media.
       The college claims its star player was the victim of a hoax.
Los Angeles Woman Depicted as Faux Girlfriend
Notre Dame star’s fake girlfriend is LA cutie Diane O’Meara -

Gov. Cuomo’s gun laws bar active duty and retired cops from large magazines -

    Governor Cuomo's new gun law didn't exempt cops from the large magazine ban, but it's a matter expected to be amended quickly. A stickier issue is whether retired cops get an exemption.
     Advocates claim the ex cops are trained and therefore should get an exemption, but there are lots of people who are trained and responsible. That's why people opposed the hastily passed law that limits gun owners to seven rounds.
     It would seem the only way you get arrested on this is if you are in a shootout and it can be determined you fired more than seven rounds. Like if you killed an intruder in your house, then you could end up being charged.
Gov. Cuomo’s gun laws bar active duty and retired cops from large magazines -

Rafting owner is acquitted at trial - Times Union

   The owner of one of Watertown's rafting companies has been acquitted of charges of reckless endangerment involving a fatal accident on a river near Albany.
    Hudson River Rafting has been under the gun over alleged lax safety procedures, including an effort by the AG to shut them down entirely.
    The trial occured in Hamilton County.
Rafting owner is acquitted at trial - Times Union

WDT: Sheriff Burns Fights Back...Says He is Dealing With Incidents

    Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns will take to the radio airwaves at noon today as part of a push-back effort explaining how he has dealt with a series of scandals. The Sheriff has been on his heels of late with criticism being leveled by Legislators and local media over the arrests, misbehavior and lawsuits.
     Sheriff Burns will be the guest on the popular HOTLINE program on AM 1240 and 104.1 FM from noon to one today.
Watertown Daily Times | Sheriff Burns stands his ground

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cursive Only Used by Catholics These Days

    On this issue of cursive writing and its apparent demise in the texting world.
    I was chatting with a bookkeeper who was telling me he still uses a fountain pen.
    Of course he also went to parochial school  where the nuns enforced cursive writing in the second grade and a requirement to buy a fountain pen in the fourth grade.
    He also has an inkwell to fill his cartridges....Those nuns had a serious impact on this gent.
     Sister Rose was her name.  You'd don't get that kind of personal attention in public schools.

Light Reading at Pete's

   I am at Pete's reading an audit of City finances....I like the part about the NYS Retirement System.
   In 2012 employees contributed $91,460.  The employer contributed $3,168,592.
   Hence, the best advice to kids in NNY is , get a government job.
   Now for the agenda for Tuesday....Contracts for the Privateers, Red and Black and Rams (formerly Wizards) are on the agenda. It's good to see these issues resolved so quickly.

Mizzou Tops List of Popular J-Schools

       So, I attended the nation's most popular journalism school. 
       The University of Missouri certainly gave me a good education even though I didn't stick with the career.
       Go Mizzou. Northwestern came in second....Too expensive though...
Mizzou, Medill top list of ‘popular’ j-schools | JIMROMENESKO.COM

Breaking: Undersheriff Neff Expected To Retire, Source Says | WWNY TV 7

        I'd like that undersheriff job. I have a clean record...have been fully briefed on workplace conduct issues...and wouldn't be at all upset about getting one of those suspended with pay deals. And if it didn't work out, I could get a teaching job at General Brown.
Breaking: Undersheriff Neff Expected To Retire, Source Says | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

The last days of disco -

      A look inside the bunker of the decadent 1970s will be sold off Saturday as hundreds of photos from the Studio 54 nightclub are auctioned. While I didn't make it inside, I still remember going there as if it was some kind of pop culture Mecca.
      Had to settle for Watertown's equivalent, the Twilight 22, located at the then Watertown Bowl on outer Washington Street.
      Owner Steve Rubell got away with a lot by today's standards until the tax man nabbed him in 1981. 
The last days of disco -

New York's new gun law: Answers to some questions |

     Figuring out New York's new gun law will be the order of the day for gun owners and those who sell them. The regulatory apparatus must be set up and those who are law abiding and follow current events will comply while those who are not, will not.
      By restricting private transfers, gun dealers could actually benefit as transactions, or at least the background checks would go through them.
       Some interesting nuances...You can still own a ten round clip but can only put seven rounds in it.
New York's new gun law: Answers to some questions |

Tiger Woods tries to 'win back ex-wife Elin with a $200 million deal and she says yes!', claims new report | Mail Online

      Will Tiger Woods get his golf mojo back if he gets his wife back ? Reports say Elin Nordegren is willing to get back with Tiger if he signs a new pre nup that would give her up $350million if he strays again... Might be a safe bet way to get a lot of cash, but the golf great is said to be so desperate to be married with children, he will agree to anything.
What about Mindy, who is now working in that tanning salon in the Maple City.
Tiger Woods tries to 'win back ex-wife Elin with a $200 million deal and she says yes!', claims new report | Mail Online

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No More Hand Written Love Notes at WHS

    So I got my answer today about cursive writing. A teacher in the City school district told me they do not teach it anymore...No more lined paper and forming perfect letters...
    No more notes on Christmas cards or love notes or heartfelt expressions of grief and regret on paper...It's all text messages and emails.
    At the risk of sounding overly fossil-like, I am saddened at the loss of this form of expression.
     It must have happened very recently as friends I asked about it in their mid 20s all were taught it, and a source says its still taught in parochial schools. Of course they have that tradition of monks as scribes.

Libertarians endorse 'Manhattan Madam' - Washington Times

   Chances are New York City's nanny state politics will be inherited by Speaker Christine Quinn...but my old friend Kristin Davis wants to at least wave the Libertarian flag in this year's race to live in Gracie Mansion.
Davis During 2010 Visit to Pearl Street Pub

    Ms. Davis...a one time visitor to Pearl Street who was interviewed in the basement by then Times scribe Jude Seymour (he got in trouble for that), wants to fight the good fight against bans on sugary soft drinks as she seeks the Libertarian nod in the mayoral race to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
   Libertarians endorse 'Manhattan Madam' - Washington Times

Playboy Playmate Nabbed Bringing Beau into NNY

   Sometimes you have to read Syracuse media to find NNY news...A former playmate arrested at the border for trying to smuggle her Canadian jailbird boyfriend into the country has enough cache to supercede someone throwing a bag of cat food at their "old lady".  It should.
     You see, I was raised in the "if it bleeds it leads" era of journalism, so I think this is the kind of news you air to get people into the tent.
     I acknowledge I am out of touch with NNY news ethics...So find it in your heart to forgive me.
Playboy playmate appears in Syracuse on charges of smuggling illegal immigrant |

Pictured: Squalid sofa where Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves and the secret bunker where they spent final hours revealed for the first time | Mail Online

      You'd think after 68 years there wouldn't be any never-before-seen photos of the demise of the Third Reich....But the media loves it when new scenes surface and the public has an appetite for it.
      Oh, to have been a fly on the wall for those final days.
: Squalid sofa where Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves and the secret bunker where they spent final hours revealed for the first time | Mail Online

Cuomo Lauded for Herding Lawmakers

    Governor Cuomo, with his penetrating stare and in-your-face speaking cadence is proving he can bend the Legislature to his will and the quick passage of a gun control bill may signal another good year for the Governor in Albany.
     The Governor says progressive New York led the nation on the issue. That's true, as President Obama surrounds himself with children today for his stop-the-violence legislative package.
      The Governor should be able to pass the rest of his agenda in Albany this year as the Legislature is mostly of his party and frankly few want to stand up to the forceful governor who when it comes to politics, definately keeps score.
Lupica: Gov. Cuomo shows effective leadership by bringing parties together in passing ban on assault weapons - NY Daily News

WDT: Former Lewis election commissioner charged with approving improper payments

   This is a lot of expense over $347.  A Lewis County election commissioner is in an extended legal fight over her job because she allegedly authorized payments to her daughter for working as an election inspector in a couple elections when she apparently didn't work.
    For the commissioner, that's a lot to give up over such a small payoff, so one suspects there is more to this. For the county, where lots of relatives work, it's an exercise in why people lose interest in trying to fire someone, given all the time and expense required.
    Someone must feel its worth the effort in this case.
Watertown Daily Times | Former Lewis election commissioner charged with approving improper payments

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

School named after heroic Sandy Hook teacher -

       Schools are named after lots of people, some of whom may or may not deserve the honor, but in Stratford, CT there could be no more inspiring choice that the naming of a local elementary school after the 27 year old Sandy Hook teacher who lost her life shielding her students from a crazed gunman.
      Stratford was home to teacher Victoria Soto and everytime students attend the school named in her honor, they will be inspired by her dedication to education and to the wards she watched over so zealously.
      School named after heroic Sandy Hook teacher -

Outside Investigation For Jefferson County Sheriff's Department? | WWNY TV 7

     Is the public that concerned over the doings of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department or is a spate of bad publicity just a media harangue and coincidence ?
     TV 7 reports county legislators are considering an independent who, we don't know ?

      Other insiders and those close to the incidents in question say it's more a case of the difficulty with civil service in a union shop to impose quick and certain discipline.
      A GOP legislator told me the Sheriff is doing a great job and that lawmakers support his efforts...Meanwhile other lawmakers say there's a lack of leadership and perhaps a need for an investigation, although that sounds like a parroting of a recent editorial.
       Insiders say the deputy found passed out in a patrol car was having personal problems, and that the one who punched a woman in a barfight was trying to hit someone else.   In all these events there is nothing contemplated beyond a suspension.
       Of course the public view of all this is clouded by executive sessions and "personel matters" privacy claims.
       Unlike most aspects of local government the Sheriff's Department is run by an elected official. That person certainly owes an explanation to the public, and the public in turn has the ability to make change via an election. So far no one is openly talking about running in 2014, but I am sure their campaign would be easier with a report to waive in the air.
        What may be worth looking at are the overall personel policies and the appetite for the HR office and department heads to take on discipline issues and not just hide behind how difficult it is with civil service and unions.
         But if its a change in leadership in the department, then those concerned should slug it out in the next campaign. That's how change happens.

Outside Investigation For Jefferson County Sheriff's Department? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Crowds pack gun store as legislators consider new laws - Times Union

     Albany's headlong rush to gun control was good for the Empire State's gun shops as customers packed them on news the "toughest in the Nation" gun law had passed.
    Such a cultural divide between these folks and those who want the Second Amendment eviscerated.
Crowds pack gun store as legislators consider new laws - Times Union

Griffo Statement on Senate Gun Control bill

         Senator Joe Griffo, who represents parts of NNY says he voted against the Governor's gun bill in part because Andy abused legislative due process by declaring an emergency in order to circumvent the three day aging period when a bill is proposed.
         The period for comment and debate is an essential part of legislating and while the cake was aleady baked on this one, protocol is important.
         Sorry Governor....I agree with the Senator...Due process matters. It serves to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.
Griffo Statement on Senate Gun Control bill | NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 - Utica News, Weather, Sports - | New York State News

Christmas Tree Shops Store To Open In Watertown | WWNY

   The most talked about news story in Watertown today is not the gun law or the pavillion....It's the announcement of the location of a Christmas Tree Shop in Watertown at an undisclosed location.
    I must admit I had never heard of them and assumed it was a seasonal store...but it's not. They carry all sorts of home decorating and holiday decorations all year.
    Lot of chatter on the subject, and speculation on where the chain will locate.
Christmas Tree Shops Store To Open In Watertown | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Brent Musburger Tweeks Critics Who Made Something Out of Nothing

   Veteran play by play announcer Brent Musberger had an in-your-face to those who created the faux controversy over his complimentary observations about Miss Alabama Katherine Webb during the BCS football game last week.
    During the routine sign off to a hoop game, Brent gave what had to be a tongue in cheek compliment to one of his broadcast partners for the game.

"Once again, your final score, Kansas 61, Baylor 44," Musburger said in the manner he has hundreds of times before. "Coming up next, SportsCenter. For Fran Franschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin' tonight, I want to say 'so long from Lawrence.'"

     Critics had forced ESPN to offer an apology last week even though no one involved was offended.   The 40 something Ms. Rowe was surely in on the gag.
Brent Musburger did it again, said sideline reporter was 'really smokin' tonight'

Grid: It's No More "Free Stuff" Than a Drink of Water on a Hot Day

   I am told proponents of installing a free electric car charging station say giving away the electricity is not Constitutionally prohibited as it is no different than installing a water drinking fountain that users get to quench their thirst at.
    The NYS Constitution does prohibit direct gifts to individuals or businesses and that was the rationale City Council seized on to drop the National Grid proposal to locate a network of state funded car chargers on municipal property.Even Governor Cuomo has boasted of creating the green network for travelers with dead batteries.
    It is not the small amount of electricity that was ever the issue, it was the notion of subsidizing one class of drivers as part of yet another bit of social engineering. It also was one of those little issues that generated alot of media interest and public complaints.
    Basicly, no one felt like taking grief over a device that would never be used anyway.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown drops electric-vehicle charging stations proposal

Watertown Council Nixes (sic) Zoo Pavilion | WWNY TV 7

   Differing views of the same event are possible....Take last night's Council meeting where TV 7 reports the pavillion project was "nixed" while others report (as did I) that Council agreed to move ahead and put the project out to bid with a couple of bid options that could lower cost by deleting stone facing and stamped concrete.
    Sending a project to bid is not something done unless there is the intention to do the project (unless as it did last summer, when bids far outstripped estimates.)
     I am not looking to pick a fight with anyone..It's just I read the same meeting differently.
Watertown Council Nixes Zoo Pavilion | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Ritchie One of 18 Voting No on Gun Bill

   Senator Patty Ritchie says she voted no on the gun control law that passed in the Senate Monday night and will surely pass in the Assembly this morning.
    Senator Ritchie praised aspects of the law, but says she voted no in response to comments from her constituents.

Alex Smith, 49ers backup, could be option to replace Mark Sanchez on Jets -

     While all my JETS friends continue to insist Mark Sanchez is too well paid not to be the team's starter next year, its just hard to imagine the fans willing to turn out for the QB who has been a disappointment too many times.
      So the hype now is 49ers former starter Alex Smith who lost his job mid season after an injury and lost the front line job this weekend with Colin Kaepernack's stellar performance in the playoffs.
      I've heard all the apologists chirping about a lack of receivers, but Sanchez just doesn't have the faith of the fans and maybe Smith is the answer...Problem is an overall lack of good play callers and many other teams in the hunt for talent.
     Alex Smith, 49ers backup, could be option to replace Mark Sanchez on Jets -

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gun Law Has Provisions Ensuring Passage

   Ensuring passage of anything means giving a little something to everyone...
   The new gun control law would reportedly codify "Mark's Law" and allow pistol permit holders to opt out of having their names subject to a freedom of information request.
    The upping of penalties for killing a first responder clearly explains by this issue came up recently in NNY where Senator Patty Ritchie had argued for such a measure and her potential future rival, Addie Russell, suddenly introduced the same thing in the Assembly.
     The FOIL provision was also in the Russell proposal. She must have known something.
      Passage is expected quickly and may have happened already for all I know. Opponents say its mostly window dressing, but its central points include a reduction to seven rounds the number of bullets in a magazine.
Details Of Gun Package Include FOIL Provision

Zoo Wins Council Support for Pavillion with Changes to Curb Costs

   City Council decided to move ahead with seeking formal bids on the Zoo pavillion project, but asked for bid options aimed at trimming the estimated $435K price tag.
    Zoo officials headed by Conservancy President Robert Gorman reassured lawmakers the outdoor covered space is what the Zoo wanted when they requested demolition of the Aviary back in 2009.
   That set in motion a three year debate over how best to make the Aviary space useful. 
   Council members said they support helping the Zoo improve its programs as the City has been a partner with the Thompson Park Conservancy for more than 20 years. The City contributed to the initial capital costs in the 80s
    It is hoped if bidding is successful, the facility can be open by this summer in time for June weddings.  The Zoo will use the covered space for educational programs and social functions. Their position is the Aviary never fit any use and the space it occupied was too important to lie fallow.
     Council also heard a presentation on creation of a human resources position in the manager's office, but put off a final decision until a budget session in February.

Jail Nurse Resigns, Accused Of Breaching Medical Records | WWNY

     The bad news is pretty much nonstop for the County Sheriff's Department, with a jail nurse now resigning amidst allegations she used her position to obtain private medical records at the local hospital.
      Jail Nurse Resigns, Accused Of Breaching Medical Records | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Watertown Pulls Plug On Electric Car Chargers | WWNY TV 7

     City Council gets an easy way out on the car charger issue, even though I think a majority was prepared to reject the placing of free electric fill-ups on city property.
     The city attorney says giving away electricity violates the State Constitution which bars outright gifts of public resources.
     Like any such situation, the ban is routinely circumvented, but in this case it provided an easy out.  National Grid had obtained a state grant to install the chargers around the state as part of a Cuomo administration overture to the greens.
     Perhaps placing the station on private property like a hotel or the Chamber of Commerce would be better, while still accessible to the travelling public.
Watertown Pulls Plug On Electric Car Chargers | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Key NY Senate leader says he expects state legislature to pass tougher gun control bill - The Washington Post

    With no public debate and the deal cut in private, a gun control bill could pass in Albany as early as today.
     Details are trickling out, but the measure is said to be inevitable, according to a GOP leader in the Senate.
      If passed, Governor Cuomo will have succeeded in passing the nation's first new gun law since the Newtown killings a month ago.
      That puts Mr. Cuomo ahead of the President in the spotlight of progressives in his party who will view this and his passage of gay marriage as key tests of his 2016 prospects.
Key NY Senate leader says he expects state legislature to pass tougher gun control bill - The Washington Post

Newzjunky: Man Throws Bag of Cat Food at Woman

     Open government is routinely on display in the police blotter listings...Throwing a bag of cat food is not in itself a world changing event, but it is a metaphor for how much is spent baby sitting a public unable to manage its own affairs.
     A 13.3 pound bag of cat food is a weapon. Police Blotter

WDT: Accident Reports are the Essence of "Public Records"

      Public records are often anything but public when the municipal lawyers decide to stonewall, but a recent Lewis County decision to withhold the names of traffic accident victims due to "privacy" concerns strikes me as a bizarre extension of the routine abuses of open government.
       In Lowville, the cops declined to release an accident report details citing the privacy of the Amish victims.
       An accident is an accident and it has nothing to do with privacy.
       The media is correct in demanding the information as news about tragedy is what part of what people expect in their news reports.
        However, be advised there is a lot of information on police and criminal matters that gets well massaged by the time it passes through the cops, lawyers and the media itself.
       So while this accident data needed to be made public, there are lots of instances where the same circumstances are treated far differently due to a range of interests and prejudices.
       Nonetheless, the fight for open government is a never ending battle and skirmishes like the gun permit flap in Westchester indicate there is not always a constituency for openness.

Watertown Daily Times | Public records

WDT: Jefferson County Raps Cuomo Tourism Plan

   The Governor's proposal on tourism promotion is drawing fire from Jefferson County Legislator and florist Scott Gray, who says the notion of regionalism and pitting areas against one another in some kind of competition is unwise.
    Meanwhile, the head of Jefferson County's tourism agency is reported to have said Mr. Cuomo's plan is a mystery to him as existing programs promote cross county cooperation where appropriate on things of regional interest like the Seaway Trail.
    The Governor is big on regions (drawn by him) competing for state dollars and then having them awarded at a pageant-like show in the capital.
      Apparently, there is growing private disagreement to the concept.
       Much of the competition is not really such, as monies spent are through existing programs administered by existing bureaucrats.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County officials disagree with Cuomo’s proposed tourism strategy

Gov wrestles with fellow Dems over gun-control push -

   Despite a promise to have the nation's toughest gun law passed in a heartbeat, Governor Cuomo is having trouble getting people in Albany to agree on a plan that restricts private sale of weapons, requires your shrink to turn you in and limits county's on how long they can issue pistol permits. Definitions of weaponry is also a dispute and it's unclear if Mr. Cuomo can beat out the President in getting a law passed quickly.
    This issue is widely seen as a measure of the Governor's ability to bend the Legislature to his will, something he had better luck than most at during his first two years.
Gov wrestles with fellow Dems over gun-control push -

Sunday, January 13, 2013

NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer

   Ever since Newtown, those angling for more gun control repeat the mantra about how they don't want to interfere with your right to shoot a deer, as if that is what the Second Amendment is all about.
    It's their urban pander to what they think is the attitude in fly-over, red state America where people cling to their guns and religion.
     The right to bear arms has nothing to do with bears either...It's about the notion of inalienable rights and freedom from oppressive tyrants. That's what Judge Napolitano says about the progressives in the duopoly called elephants and donkeys.
      I guess reasonable people can have reasonable rules about sales, use and storage, but if the Second Amendment is to be revered, its not about killing a furry friend in the forest.
NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer - Washington Times

SNAP Retail Locator

    On those EBT cards...I did a search on the USDA site and found nothing other than grocery stores and convenience stores capable of taking the cards in Watertown.
     So, the local media need not follow the lead of the downstate media on this issue. No one is getting a lap dance in Watertown on their EBT card. Those type of things should be paid for in cash anyway.
SNAP Retail Locator

Cash for drunkards -

       This silly media fuss over electronic benefit cards misses the point. Apparently the NY Post "discovered" that the welfare debit cards were being used in liquor stores, strip bars, convenience stores and hookah parlors, leading to the conclusion that the poor taxpayers are funding drunken orgies by the poor.
        The implication is the business where a ATM is located is somehow in need of attention from Eric Schneiderman.  
         First of all, if somebody comes in to use the ATM, whether at my bar or in the lobby of City Hall, we don't know how or where the money will be spent. As long as its legally obtained with a crowd accepted by the machine, it's OK.
       If the government only wants it to work in certain places, its up to them to come up  with the technology.
      Second, the abuse and waste is not from a lap dance or a cocktail. It's manifest in a system that says here's cash, you spend it as you like. No stigmas here.
      If I give you $20, I have a First Amendment right to tell you how I think you should spend it, but beyond that, its now your money to do with what you want.
      Someone needs to explain the difference to the NY Post.
Cash for drunkards -

Pants, Like Style, Come and Go

    Pants are something we all put on one leg at a time and take for granted...but sometimes pants are the center of attention such as those baggy ones falling off young people's rear ends...There's bell bottoms and hot pants...clingy ones and comfortable ones...
    In NYC today, it's No Pants Subway Ride Day....I don't know how that tradition got started, but its probably just meant for fun and to take people's minds off the less pleasant aspects of underground transportation.
     In Watertown, a nightclub is having a snow pants or no pants night.....With the snow melting, no one will need snow pants so the promoters will likely get their wish.

Barren Couple to Lead Large State

    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory took office yesterday amidst no less than three inaugural balls in the Tarheel State. The former mayor of Charlotte and his wife have both been married twice and neither has children. Since Mom lives there, I get a regular primer on NC politics.
    How the heck did this Republican get elected in a political world where it's all about middle class, working families and the plight of "the children" ?
     Guess he was competent and made his case for good governance to the voters.
Governor and Mrs. McCrory in Raleigh Last Night

     I am sure the traditionalists were also raising eyebrows at the First Lady's leopard print inaugural gown, but animal prints seem to have some fashion staying power in recent years, at least in the red states.
Charlotteans join the party at McCrory inaugural ball |

Sharpton: Is Obama Ready for Mt. Rushmore?

    Political gadfly Al Sharpton suggests if Teddy Roosevelt's "thin" resume is the standard, then President Obama may well be a candidate for inclusion on Mount Rushmore.
Sharpton: Is Obama Ready for Mt. Rushmore? | Washington Free Beacon

Governor Cuomo Declares State Public Health Emergency in Response to Severe Flu Season | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

  The scramble is on for flu shots although the best time to get them was before the outbreak that now has many New Yorkers laid up at home or in the hospital.
   Governor Cuomo has declared a public health emergency to facilitate more shots.
   For those without malady today, the weather is supposed to set some kind of record with a high well into the 50s.  Enjoy it if you are not sick. If you are, get well soon.
Governor Cuomo Declares State Public Health Emergency in Response to Severe Flu Season | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Miss New York is crowned Miss America | Reuters

   A 23 year old Brooklyn woman has been crowned Miss American....Mallory Hytes Hagan had been selected Miss New York and won the national title Saturday night.
    "Stop the madness !" fumed Governor Cuomo....oops wrong story.
     Congrats from all New Yorkers to Ms. Hagan !
Miss New York is crowned Miss America | Reuters