Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Libous On Minimum Wage Hike: ‘We Have To Be Realistic’

   Senate Republicans are throwing in the towel on the minimum wage, instead hoping to save face with a few business tax breaks that won't mean a thing to the little guy in business.
      When you don't have a real majority and the polls say people want it, it's hard to hold out.
       If enacted most will comply, some will cut hours, some will pay more under the table.
And all those voting on it will get reelected.
Libous On Minimum Wage Hike: ‘We Have To Be Realistic’


Anonymous said...

My condolences to Danny, Mikey and Obama during their time of bereavement over Chavez's passing.

Anonymous said...

The problem in this country is we need better paying private sector jobs i.e. industry, technology, professions, etc. Forcing fast food restaurants to pay $9 an hour doesn't fix anything!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Republican Senators are wrong on Minimum Wage Hike:

But in his position as Deputy Senate Republican Leader Tom Libous, sings the song on wage hike that Majority Leader Sheldon Silver wrote for him. Well Libous said, “The $9 minimum wage a “pretty big increase” from $7.25. Cuomo’s budget calls for an $8.75 minimum wage with no indexing provision.” Why should we support the Republicans efforts to give away tax dollars to small business before starving wage earners get a minimum wage increase? You can’t justify that logic at the expense of Minimum Wage earners.

The Governor has made it pretty clear that the budget version of a minimum wage hike is no longer relevant as compared to what Speaker Silver will propose in the Assembly which includes a 9.00 hourly wage with tax indexing. President Obama is currently proposing the same thing nationally. The key thing in my mind is the Republicans in the Senate are advocating watering down the Governor’s Minimum wage Hike wanting to keep it less than 8.75 with no tax indexing.

The Republicans want a lot of sweeteners for small business owners that include a host of tax break provisions. Why? Does that help the minimum wage earner get to 9.00 hourly? No. It does however let the Republicans in the Senate hold the bill hostage until they can hold the Governor up for tax breaks for small business owners. They are two separate issues, but this is what Republicans do every time the Governor wants to move forward with a piece of progressive legislation, they stonewall him until they get handouts for their base.

I think the time is now coming when Gov. Cuomo is going to end Coalition Government in NYS as soon as possible. And it can’t be soon enough for me.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Mikey does not like our elected senate to have any say in how our government runs. Mikey thinks the governor should be dictator.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was dictator

cat rancher said...

Helping a person with a small business doesn't seem like a good thing to do? Doesn't that seem like it could help the economy? I really don't get anyone who can't get the fact that we have little to no small business. It's all big box stores. The big box stores are the PROBLEM! They don't like to pay what's fair. They like to pay just like the people in China do, where the crap comes from. They want to have slaves living in the stores making quarters a hour. All they want are people to work many hours with no pay. Many box stores and no small business is a smart move in our history? I have to say sorry, no.

Anonymous said...

Cat/Ray you're now twice as boring writing under two names as ou were before Cat Rancher showed up here.

Puke on it!