Monday, February 25, 2013

Will 32 senators spur wage hike vote? - Times Union

       Opposition to the proposed $9 minimum wage may be slowing its passage, but it clearly will pass in Albany, and Republicans will only be able at best to phase it in or claim they got some "tax credits" for small business.
        Being in small business, whenever lawmakers say they are giving you tax credits, they are giving you nothing. We have to pay our bills with real money.
          Funny thing is the argument that this will help small business. An argument coming from Senator Jeff Klein, a lawyer and big city Senator, who knows little about small business.
          The indexing to inflation aspect is troubling as it institutionalizes inflation.
           But, it's passing, so get it over with and you can keep the tax credits.....I've been served that meal before and its not very filling.
Will 32 senators spur wage hike vote? - Times Union

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Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Small businesses do get helped:

if Mininum Wage earners have more money to spend in said businesses after minimum wage is increased to 9.00 hourly rate. That aside I think Small businesses need and deserve those tax credits you disdain Mayor.

The thing about Klein that has bottered me since the IDC Coalition was formed, speaks more to it's very nature. The truth is the Klein led IDC Coalition makes it possible for Majority Leader Dean Skelos to push every bill that Gov. Cuomo proposes wide right, in an attempt to water down Gov. Cuomo's ‘Progressive’ legislation.

The IDC and Sen. Klein then step in and try to nudge the Bill back towards the political center, and we're all supposed to think that Sen. Klein did a great job pushing the Governors Bill through troubled waters.

If a Democratic Majority proposed the bill, Skelos wouldn't make the same early effort to water it down, because a Democratic Majority proposing the 'Minimum Wage' hike, no longer has to deal with Senate Majority Leader Skelos who's out of a job.

A Democratic Majority in the Senate means open debate begins without the lurch to the 'Right' that every bill now being considered is subjected to in the Senate. The need for Sen. Klein and the IDC to rescue each bill from Skelos's tampering would be ended and a thing of the past.

Mike Flynn "Middle Class Mike'